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Our selections have been tested for flavorful adjuncts to Kombucha, Jun, Ginger Beer and Water Kefir ferments. The amounts one chooses to add depend upon one's own personal preference. They may be added to the primary ferment or to a Second Fermentation.

We have taste tested Hops as well which are a relatively recent addition to kombucha brewing. Hops which are flavorful & healthy offer lots of choices without adding any additional sugars and a welcome method of keeping alcohol levels down. Please note that Hops stifle the reproduction of Lactobacillus bacteria (but not Acetobacter/ Gloncobacteria associated with Kombucha) and should therefore only be added for a Second Ferment of Ginger Beer, Water Crystals and Jun, and of course your Kombucha when you are also using a lactobacillus bacteria.  

All our selection are prized for their medicinal effect, taste and quality of Kombucha Tea or Probiotic Soda they will produce. For more about Kombucha and the different overall affect of Black  Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea and Pu era Teas will have in a kombucha ferment refer to the category of tea below. For a general overall view read more here

Kombucha Tea will develop targeted health benefits when herbs and spices are added. Refer to the selection on the left. We also share research on specific juices and their health benefits in our Library

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