Make your own Probiotic Slurpee Instantly

16th Jul 2017

Instant semi-frozen Kombucha or Water Kefir Slurpee OK, it does take a few minutes - like 5 minutes.Here's all that you need1. Kombucha Tea, Ginger Beer, Jun, Water Kefir, or your favorite water flavored drink.2. 2 large plastic Zip Lock ba...
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Dog Days of Summer

15th Jul 2017

At this time of the year our furry friends get attacked by fleas and ticks and they scratch, chew and bite themselves raw, Sour Kombucha Tea to the rescue. Take your really sour Komucha Tea, the more sour the better. You want as much as the suga...
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How to Brew Alcohol Free Kombucha Tea

9th Jul 2017

Commercially Beer and Wine houses have two primary methods of producing "non-alcohol" beer or wine. 1. Filtering. Taking their alcohol ferment once completed. They will then filter the brew through a fine mesh that only water and alcohol will pa...
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