Kefir or do you say Kyfur

We have Culture.  All natural, raw and alive. Our Probiotics  are never frozen, never dehydrated. Full-on Healthy Pro-Probiotic. Add a little culture in your life. Free eBooks,  Kefir Support Page Simple Guide ... text support 919-518-3336 or email Any concerns send us a picture  Work with us  and we can't get it right for you we'll send a free replacement or refund. 30 day Guarantee. All our Cultures Grow + multiples for a lifetime with proper online since 1997.

We are proud and grateful for Dr Eric Berg's warm endorsement of our Kefir 


AVOID Ultra-Pasteurized Milk. (UP/ UHT / HTST)

see our Bog on the Best Milk for Kefir, Yogurts & Cheese 

Our Kefir is Gluten Free and Keto Friendly

Harvested Fresh, the day we ship. Fresh milk rinsed to remove the curds. Shipped in FDA approved food grade plastic.  

pH < 4.0 in accordance with FDA guidelines to be safe and anti-pathetic.




Traditional Kefir 



Grown on Whole Pasteurized Homogenized Vit D Milk (DR Berg recommends NOT to use Commerical milk) Receive a overflowing teaspoon ~ 3-5 grams). typically used to to make one cup (8 oz) of kefir daily. Dr Berg recommended to take 1/2 cup in the evening before bed to improve sleep. 



Traditional Kefir +

Dark Chocolate



Dark Chocolate is a pre-probiotic for both humans and kefir. 

Add just a pinch to the active ferment or as much as you prefer to a Secondary Ferment. Includes above + .5 oz Organic Dark Chocolate. 



Raw Goat Kefir Grains. 


Free Shipping (USA) 


Recommended by Dr Eric Berg 

Our Goat Kefir Grains are born, bred and fed exclusively on all natural Raw Goats milk.  Free Domestic (USA) Shipping with promo code << DR Eric Berg>> 

~  6-10 grams.  Make 1-2 cups of Kefir daily 

Use Goat Milk or Raw Milk. Check local availability. In a pinch use Whole Pasteurized Homogenized Vit D Milk.  





~ 12-15 grams.  Make 2-3+ cups daily

Kefiran is the flat translucent sheet or biofilm that connects Kefir Grains. It is formed from the flora  of kefir grains and glucose units, in almost the same proportion. Kefiran has a PRE-biotic nature promoting the growth of probiotics in the gastrointestinal tract. It extends specific therapeutic benefits by balancing the microbiota both for the Kefir grains themselves as well as the microbiota in human GI tact. 

Typical Kefir Grains contain 12-15 different beneficial bacteria and yeasts. The bacteria responsible for for the synthesis of the polysaccharide (biofilm) is Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens and is not present in smaller Kefir Grains or grains that lack this biofilm. 



Caspian Sea Yogurt 




DR Berg compares Milk kefir to Yogurts and finds that Kefir is healthier. 

The advantage to Caspian Sea Yogurt  - which is still very healthy, is that like Kefir there is no cooking or special tools required and you can use milk right from the fridge (like Kefir) But unlike kefir you do not have to retrieve the grains simple save one Tablespoon for every new cup of yogurt you wish to make. . The Taste is less sour but ferments the same as Kefir. 



Water Kefir (Crystals)



DR Berg also compares Water Kefir to Milk Kefir and the biggest advantage of Water Kefir is for people that are Lactose intolerant 

Milk Kefir Grains have more nutritional content compared to Water kefir Grains, although Water Kefir has a wider variety of different microbiological composition. The main beneficial acid (Lactic  + Butyric Acid) is higher in Milk Kefir Grains while Alcohol Levels are Higher in Water Kefir and Ginger Beer. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine Milk Kefir is Yin nourishing and restful. Water Kefir is Yang and energetic especially when combined with Ginseng



Wholesale Volume Available 



More Culture …

 Ginger Beer Kvass, Jun Kombucha = a fantastic popular functional food along with our own exclusive Kombucha-Kefir Hybrid plus  accessories to make life a little bit easier. 



Free Kefir eBook 

Recipes and additional information including using Coconut and Nut milks and making your own Rice Milk and cheeses. What to do with “Over-Fermented” Kefir’s Curds & Whey.  a must read !


Kefir Support Page 




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