Kefir or do you say Kyfur

We have Culture.  All natural, raw and living. Our Kefir never frozen, never dehydrated. Full-on Healthy Pro-Probiotic. Add a little culture in your life. Free eBooks,  Kefir Support Page,  Simple Guide ... text support 919-518-3336 or email  and if we can't get it right for you we'll send a free replacement or refund.  All our Cultures Grow + multiples for a lifetime. 

Free (USA) Shipping on Dr Berg's Recommended Goats Kefir as the best all natural Kefir use promo code <Dr Berg. >> 

Our Traditional Kefir grown on Commerical milk (DR Berg recommends NOT to use Commerical milk) includes directions + one teaspoon (3-5 grams)  good to make one cup (8 oz) of kefir daily*. We also offer our Traditional Kefir with Dark Chocolate. Dark Chocolate is a pre-probiotic for both humans and kefir. Our exclusive KEFIRAN. Offers 3 times the amount of our regular kefirs - a full Tablespoon (12-15 grams) enough to provide 3 cups (24 oz) of kefir daily PLUS having the added benefit of kefiran - defined as the translucent biofilm (exopolsaccarides) that are themselves extraordinary healthy.  Encouraged by DR Berg we offer our prized Raw Goat Kefir Grains. Our Goat Kefir Grains are born and bred exclusively on all natural Raw Goats Milk. Raw milk and especially Goats Milk is considered by most all health professionals as the healthiest milk available. These grains are provided to us by a small local off-the-grid Goat Farmer (limited supply) 

Especially suited for those that are Lactose Intoleran  Water Kefir  A beneficial probiotic drink. Goes go by many names and made by indigenous people around the globe. 

Making kefir at home is vastly superior to commercial kefir. But there is a learning curve. The hardest part is knowing when to harvest (individuals preferences) and secondly in retrieving the grains (seeds). Tea balls, screens and Sachs are a nice convenience.

Caspian Sea Yogurt is a  nice alternative. Super simple and almost (maybe) as healthy as Milk Kefir. To make CSY you simply add a spoonful or so of what you just fermented and harvested to add to a fresh new glass of milk.  

More Culture ... Water Kefir,   Ginger Beer,  Caspian Sea Yogurt,  Jun,  Kombucha = a fantastic popular functional food along with our own exclusive Kombucha-Kefir Hybrid.   and all accessories to make life a little bit easier. 

Check out who we are;  HappyHerbalist establish 1997. 

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