Water Kefir

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Make a simple slightly carbonated Probiotic Drink that is healthy and taste great. Typically within 12-48 hours.

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NOTE:  the 6 and 8 piece sets are temporarily unavailable. 


Basic Water Crystal order contains;

1+ Tablespoon Water Kefir  enough to start  12-16  fluid ounce of our super Probiotic Drink

Water Crystal Simple State Guide


Please note we just ran out of our popular Glass Mason Jar with Handle. New stock is on its way and due by Friday Sept 16 th.


Our 4 Piece Water Kefir Simple Start Kit

1+ Tablespoon of Fresh Water kefir. Never Frozen, never dehydrated.

16 ounce Glass Mason jar with Handle

Small mouth Mason Jar White Plastic Cap

Stainless Steel 2 inch Tea Ball

Water Crystal Simple State Guide


Our 6 Piece Water Kefir DELUXE order contains;

2+ Tablespoon  Water Kefir Crystals. Never Frozen, never dehydrated.

32 oz. Glass Wide Mouth Mason Jar

Mason Jar metal Ring

Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Strainer

Wide Mouth Silicon Waterless Airlock

Stainless Steel Filter

Water Crystal Simple State Guide


Our 8 Piece Water Crystal DELUXE order contains;

3+ Tablespoon  Water Kefir. Never Frozen, never dehydrated.

32 oz. Glass Wide Mouth Mason Jar

Mason Jar metal Ring

Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Strainer

Wide Mouth Silicon Waterless Airlock

Stainless Steel Filter

2- 12 oz. Glass Flip Top Bottles

Water Crystal Simple State Guide


To avoid increasing the alcohol but having lots of carbonation consider our Mini kegs

 These magical crystals grow and multiply. With proper care they will last a lifetime and plenty to share with friends and family. Typical reproduction rate is to double within 1-2 months.

* Free download  Water Kefir eBook 

* text support 919-518-3336  & email support HappyHerbalist@ 

* Guaranteed Success Do not toss or discard until you contact us via our Contact Form 

Produced by the HappyHerbalist since 1997.

Water Kefir or Japanese Water Crystals have also been referred to as Sugary Fungus, Tibicos, Ginger Beer Plant, California Bees, Water Kefir Grains, Tibetan Mushroom grains, snow lotus, water crystals, tibi, Kephir, Paris, Kephir, kefir fungus, kefir d'aqua,and more. Regardless if they all are the same or are as unique and different - they all typical share a similar recipe and each are healthy and beneficial. They all are small gelatinous masses of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Which yeasts and bacteria dominate will contribute to supple as well as dramatic differences. The influence of wild bacteria and yeasts as well as personal brewing preferences play an active ongoing role. For most home brewers what is important is simply taste, pleasure and a hint of health.


Water Kefir is different than Milk Kefir, though Milk Kefir Grains may also ferment juices similar to Water Kefir, and Ginger Beer.

All these are classified as LAB ferments. Lactic Acid producing Bacteria. Because these are bacteria as opposed to yeasts they are actually healthier in many ways (though the sugar content must be considered) . Lactic acid is slightly sour and generally pleasant tasting and quite healthy. As are the Lactobacillus bacteria. These ferments are considered Lacto-Soda's as they produce a pleasant sweet drink with slight carbonation and low alcohol. 

While Milk Kefir provides significant amounts of protein as well as probiotics and prebiotics, Water Kefir can be a significant probiotic and prebiotic source for vegans and people who are allergic to dairy products. Milk Kefir Grains have more nutritional content compared to Water kefir Grains, although Water Kefir has a wider variety of different microbiological composition. The main beneficial acid (Lactic Acid) is higher in Milk Kefir Grains while Alcohol Levels are Higher in Water Kefir and Ginger Beer. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine Milk Kefir is Yin nourishing and restful. Water Kefir is Yang and energetic especially when combined with Ginseng. In the same class as Water Kefir is Ginger Beer Plant. Ginger Beer is refreshing, energetic (yang) with special attention to the Stomach & Spleen. helping to settle disturbances in the stomach and digestive issues. All these grains are important for their potential health benefits. 

Consider a Mesh Tea Ball to use . Makes recapturing and straining your grains easy as pie. Avoid washing your grains down the drain.

see DETAILS Tab above for recipes and Alcohol Content of ferments.


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Water Kefir

1 Review

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    Water Kefir grains

    Published by Dyan ONeil on 30th Sep 2022

    I followed the instructions and viola! all came out nicely. This is my first go at Kefir in any form and I love it. Each of the four water kefir came out beautifully. Might I say your instructions are peerless. No trouble following them as a guide.

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