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  • 22 oz storage and brewing jar. Great for Yogurts and Kefir
  • Storage and Brewing Jars. Great for Kefir and Yogurt
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Happy Herbalist's Live Milk Kefir Grains

Many thanks to the good doctor Eric Berg ( for his kind words on his show. 

We are currently postponing shipments until after memorial day weekend to prevent our live kefir grains from being stuck in the post office, where they may spoil faster, to ensure you receive your product at its highest quality.  

Shipped in heat sealed food grade plastic and unconditionally guaranteed  to produce healthy Kefir. 

Contains: 1 Large Tablespoon (3 teaspoon size) with Simple Start Recipe

Enough to make 2 cups of Kefir per day. These Grains will grow and multiple. Use with any milk, right from the fridge, no heating or cooking required. Raw milk or Goats milk is great (sometimes a bit lumpy).  Coconut Milk, Almond and Nut Milk all work, but the Kefir grains may get a bit sluggish and need to be refreshed back with some regular milk. 

Guaranteed Success.  Includes phone text and email support. 

Lactose intolerant?  Our hungry kefir feeds on lactose  (milk sugar). Just a little patience and voila - real healthy milk kefir.

Our 30 Page Kefir Guide available as a PDF Online (free download) with recipes from doin a simple start and daily maintenance to what to do when you escape on that much needed vacation. To making Kefir smoothies or making easy overnight Kefir cheese spreads and kefir hard cheese's. How about adding fresh fruits? Make Kefir Beer! or serve your own personalized Kefir vinegar. 

We have been selling live Kefir Cultures online since 2005. (who we are

Guaranteed healthy and your complete satisfaction

We ship worldwide

Basic Kefir Recipe:

1)  Place the grains in any glass of milk,

     Use one tablespoon of Kefir Grains to 1-2 cups of milk.

     Use milk right from the refrigerator. No boiling required. 

2)  Set on the counter and cover with a cloth, napkin, or coffee filter. Secure with a rubber band.

      And the next day you have KEFIR ! 

      Time & Temperature play a role. Typically its 12-24 hours at "room temperature" 

     The warmer the faster its finished. The more Kefir Grains to Milk ratio, the faster,

note: it's finished when its not too milky, nor to sour. That is a very individual choice. Realize the longer it ferments the more sour it becomes. "Over-fermented" starts to separate into "curds" and "whey". It has not gone "bad" its just fermenting. The curds and/or the whey are very healthy and has useful purposes. Harvest when its to your satisfaction. 

3)   Remove the Kefir Grains. 

     Strain the kefir to separate the Kefir from the Kefir Grains. 

     You can use any kitchen strainer depending upon the size of the holes.  The kefir does not stay in contact long enough for any adverse reaction. Stirring helps speed the process. Kefir GRAINS are tough and rubbery, and bounce back under pressure. Curds will disappear under slight pressure or upon stirring. 

     Set the Grains aside in a bit of milk in the fridge until you're ready to start a new batch.

     Kefir is the thicker-than-milk portion. Like a smoothie. Drink fresh or refrigerate (thickens a bit) or mix with cereals or blend for a smoothie. 

If its still milky just when you started or smells bad (should have a pleasant smell) don't throw it out until you give us a call. 

It is that Simple, Easy, and Healthy.

FYI: we include our Probiotic Culture book filled with recipes, do's and don't, how to store, stave and retrieve. Plus our Toll free support, text support and email support to guarantee your success. 

We have published online  our Kefir Recipe and Guide in our Library and Research Center. 

Dry Kefir Grains. Like the popular Japanese and Australian Dry Kefir Grains  (Tanekin kefir yogurt and KCN Kefir) also are milk kefir grains … kefir that uses milk lactose, as a food source … the difference is while the Dry Kefir Grains produce a good glass of Milk Kefir, they do so only once or twice. With each succeeding glass the culture diminishes in quantity and quality. One has to purchase new replacement packs to make the next batch of yogurt kefir. The packages are easy to use and last awhile in the fridge This does provide a safe easy and convenient method of making yogurt that does have healthy probiotic affect – however the probiotic microorganism does die off very soon.

What is the difference in the Kefir Grains:

Milk Kefir Grains. “Live Kefir Grains” Live Milk Kefir Grains will grow, multiple and reproduce and as long as you continue to keep them happy they will continue to keep you healthy. “Dry Kefir Grains” (or their powder form) make a great glass 

You can make great kefir with any type of milk. Harald Tietze in his Kefir Book said, Kefir makes bad milk (meaning the typical commercial store bought variety) into good milk. BUT  ... there's  A Better Whey ... check out their Good Milk List.  You can also pick up cheese recipes and equipment here. . 

It has been a long-term goal of the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) to have legal access to raw milk in all 50 states. That day is getting closer; there are currently 43 states that allow legal access to raw milk through either sales for human consumption, pet milk or distribution through herdshare agreements. When we started A Campaign for Real Milk in 1999, that number was only 27. The states without any legal access are Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey and Rhode Island.


Kefir is a great way to both savor delicious food and feel awesome. Add it to your smoothie, use it for pancakes or just drink it as it is. This superfood is a must-have in your refrigeration. Check this article to learn more about kefir and its benefits.

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