Time to Question Authority. Hold Biden Accountable



Day 22

Americans Held Hostage

300+ American veterans committed suicide since Biden declared War is over…

White House  Jen Psaki “handful of Americans who want to leave”
State dept.   “few hundred Americans”
Pentagon   “no estimate”
Biden. …   ” I achieved the greatest evac in history. .. over 130,000 people" who made it through the gate. we will vet them later, meanwhile, I will order the Pentagon to build 50,000 houses for the refugees. … while 25,000 American veterans go homeless and 22 veterans commit suicide  every day!

Private sources indicate that the estimate of Americans left behind may be as high as 1,000.  Left behind to fend for themselves - here are no State Dept or Military left in Afghan. Taliban has cut off/ reduced telecommunications. Private American NGO's, mostly Christian, are working at their own expense to save those that they can - Afghans, Americans and others.  Reports there are at least 4 plane loads waiting to take off. The "hold up" ? they have not beed vetted by the State Dept - and the State Dept will not give clearance to land anywhere. Blinken blames the Taliban.... Its not that "we" are inept ... its the Taliban has taken hostages! Sept 10, it appears the Taliban just released one plane. I hope the press will talk to these people to let America know what is happening. 

Symbolism Over Substance 

Time Magazine: The Most Influential People of the Year: Prince Harry & Princess Meghan ...!

I ended the 20 year Afghan War  Greatest American casualty, in one day,  of the 20-year war   under Biden:  13 soldiers killed, dozens wounded,  
  The Taliban are stronger militarily, financially, and politically today and with greater co-operation between the numerous terrorists groups. 
  Loyal Afghans - still fighting for their freedom abandoned while $80BILLION $$$ in military equipment - planes, helicopters, drones, trucks, guns and ammo left for the Taliban 
I am working with the Taliban on security for Americans. . i.e, A busload of Americans trying to get to the airport past their security points needs to be identified and we told the Taliban to let these people pass.  I gave the Taliban the data-file and bio-metrics of all the Americans and the Afghans that have helped us over the years - A KILL LIST. and the means to intimidate the Afghans who fled - to work for the Taliban - or they will (and have) killed their families  
I air-lifted 130,000 people out of the war zone. Greatest feat in American History  I stranded hundreds of men, women, & children - all American citizens and left them to the mercy of our enemy.
I've ordered our Military to build 50,000 homes for Afghan refugees  and created a fast-track to citizenship for each one. Each one a Green Card, for welfare and medical care.  22,000 veterans of Irag & Afghan remain homeless. 22 veterans commit suicide each day 
The Taliban are a new breed. Professional and with the same goal of America to root out evil. They are not there yet, but they promised. seriously !
We did the best we could under the circumstances. No One could have known the Afghan army would collapse so fast  Numerous Intel reports otherwise (see below) 
It was Trumps fault. It was the Afghans fault ... No, it was the Commander-in-chiefs fault - Joe Biden
Social Media & ABC, NBC, CBS, late night talk shows, daytime talk shows all celebrate how great Biden is doing - during this oh so hard times. Just as they lavished praise on Gov. Cuomo.  

Facebook suspended the account of a mother whose son was killed in action in Afghanistan. A Gold Star Mother ... CENSORED. 

France, Germany and especially the UK has publicly has had harsh criticism of Biden but not reported in the U.S. Press.  Biden going around the country with the Hurricane damage from IDA, gets publicly the finger and shouts that he left Americans behind ... nothing reported in the major media!

I took swift action against the planners of the Abbey Gate Massacre by launching a Drone Strike against a major Issis-K Planner killing many terrorists.  

Sept 15. White House admits that the Drone Strike did not kill any terrorists but at least 10 Afghan civilians and 4 of whom were young children. 


Bien now pledges to give Taliban 60 Million Dollars $$$ "in relief aid"  

 The vast majority of Americans agreed that we should leave Afghanistan. 

Its not the fault of American Boots on the ground ...  Its the fault of Suits in Washington.

This bothers me, and I think it should concern all of us.

Remember Biden gave the Taiban a data-file on Americans and Afghan allies.

Now many of those are in America - BUT many of their families have been left behind --- and the Taliban knows who they are, and where their families are. Today,  as in the past - with the Blue on Green Attacks -  use their relatives to force those Afghans now in America to do terrorists acts. Already one Afghan, aboard a plane headed for the U.S. was caught with a bomb - but the State Department claimed not a terrorist threat. (Sept 8, 2021)  

Sept 6.  Secretary Antony "Uber" Blinken . takes credit for the State Department "facilitating the escape" of 4 Americans from Afghanistan. State Department officials (who every last one fled Afghanistan) met the Americans as they deplaned in Qartar. Private people both American and Afghan planned and executed the escape. Thankfully the State Dept did authorize the plane to leave Afghan and to land in Qatar. - that was the extent of Blinken facilitation. And yet there are  4 possibly 6 private planes still at the airport in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif Afghan - still waiting for State Department and the Taliban's permission to take off and land somewhere. Wondering what the delay is? Blinken blames the Taliban - that means they are HOSTAGES. 

There are no American diplomats or Military presence left in Afghan and it has been impossible for stranded Americans to communicate - except through private sources - Americans citizens who have been actively working and paying from their own pockets for planes and logistics to get Americans and loyal Afghans - especially Christians who are at death's doorway out. Their planes need State Department permission (which has often been refused) to land somewhere.  How long should should Americans be held hostage?  Sept 6. Secretary Blinken "there is no deadline to get the remaining Americans out" - Don't you think that should have been the statement on August 30 th !!!

August 18, 2021 - What we were told

Joe Biden on ABC News. US troops will stay until all Americans are out of Afghanistan, even if past Aug. 31 deadline:

Biden declared that he would not leave Afghanistan if there were American citizens left that needed to be evacuated. Biden lied about the conditions on the ground. Giving false sense of security to Americans in Afghanistan 

August 30, 2021 - What we were told
John Kirby top pentago spokesman at the Aug 30 press briefing  “ our expectation was that the Afghanistan government would say in place -nobody would of imagined how quickly the government just dissipated almost overnight - there was no way to predict that”
General Milley There was nothing that I or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days …

WTF ... Was that not exactly their job? Shades of Viet Nam, Dien Bien Fu, Pearl Harbor, 911, Military history !- or was their eyes on CRT ?  

July 23, 2021 What we were not told
On phone call Biden and Ghani (president of Afghanistan)     [leaked transcript which White House has not denied]

Ghani told Biden: “Mr president, we are facing a full-scale invasion, composed of Taliban, full Pakistani planning and logistic support, and at least 10-15.000 international terrorist, predominantly Pakistanis thrown into this, so that dimension needs to be taken account of …”. “And your Air Force was extremely caustics in attacking them.”
Because Biden closed the airbase on July 1, leaving Afghan virtually with no air support.

 Biden told Ghani [in that recorded phone call] that it was necessary for Ghani to “ change the perception about what was happening”.

Joe Biden Sept 2019
“…at minimum, Donald Trump should immediately release the transcript of the call in question, so that the American people can just get for themselves …”.    Trump did release the transcripts. Democrats impeached trump over that conversation.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki. .. "no comment on private conversation" … and no denial. 


Sept 1, 2021.   Biden declares  "Extraordinary Success - Greatest Military Feat in History"

General McKenzie, "this is the way the mission was designed.  It was designed to operate under severe stress and attack.  And that’s what it did".

* Sacramento Bee reports 24 students from San Juan United School District, CA left behind.

*Superintendent Of Cajun Valley School Dist over 1,000 children left behind including a girls soccer team

* 300 + Americans stranded in Kabul - Biden sys "many wanted to stay, man!

* over 500 European News reporters and their families were left behind

* Americans waving their passports and shouting "We're Americans" within sight of American Troops - left Behind!

Washington Examiner "We are f***ing abandoning American citizens," an Army colonel assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division wrote Sunday in a series of encrypted messages" to his superiors. 

* text messages sent by Americans who made it past the 5 Taliban checkpoints, only to be turned away at the American gate wavering their American Passports  (by the State Dept who ordered the evacuation ended in the early morning hours of Aug 30, 2021.  

"It's not completely unlike the way we do it elsewhere around the world," Press Secretary for the Pentagon Admiral  John Kirby said  "We have Americans that get stranded in countries all the time, and we do everything we can to try to facilitate safe passage."

Press Secretary Jen Psaki. "First of all, I think it’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not. We are committed to bringing Americans who want to come home – home. We are in touch with them via phone, via text, via email, via any way we can possibly reach Americans to get them home if they want to return home."  Was she referring to the one American who was refused boarding because she refused to leave her puppy ? Pentagon refused to evacuate the 130 American Service dogs (who had made it to the airport with their handlers). The puppy was one of them. Time of trauma. 

Psaki added: I am just calling you [the reporter] out for saying that when we are stranding Americans in Afghanistan when we have been very clear saying that we are not leaving Americans who want to return home, we are going to bring them home, and I think that’s it’s important for the American public to hear and understand.

Joe Biden's Kill List. 

Joe Biden gave the Taliban a detailed list of Americans AND Afghan supporters in Kabul. 

Yet when asked how many Americans were left in Kabul our State Department refused to state or to reveal the list! Or to estimate. 

Joe Biden further claimed that his missions was to leave Afghanistan that was no longer a threat to the U.S. "We don't need boots on the ground we have over-the-horizon capabilities". Biden further claimed that it was Trump who had left the Taliban in their strongest position since the war started 20 years ago. note: Biden abandoned over 80 BILLION $$$ in military equipment (Cargo Planes, Planes, Helicopters, Hummers, +++ Drones!! - which were used in attacks on Kabul Airport on August 30-31 (unconfirmed ) leaving the Taliban in their strongest political and militarily position ever! 

ISIS-K, Al-Qaeda, and other Terrorist groups  are in Afghanistan and are today Sept, 1, 2021 stronger than ever. 

Biden quickly struck back at ISIS-K for the killing of 13 soldiers at Abbey Gate. Claiming he killed 2 ISSIS-K "planners" - but when asked,refused to name them. The following day, the New York Times  reported that 10 Afghan civilians (along with 4 young children) were killed in that drone strike. General Milley said they were "probably" killed by a secondary explosion which would indicate that the targeting was legitimate. Sept 15 th The White House admits that the New York Times was correct and that the Drone Strike indeed killed innocent men, women and children. 

As commander-in-chief Joe Bidden's mission is to protect America. And NEVER to leave anyone behind. 


Thursday, August 26, 2020  9:30 am

Biden knew the danger to our troops at the airport and chose to ignore their safety ... just as he knew he was leaving Americans, men, women and children behind. No one had to die and no one had to be left behind. The Taliban had offered to leave Kabul !. Biden thought about it and REFUSED !

Just hours earlier the US Embassy, which had fled from Kabul to the Kabul Airport issued multiple warnings - one just hours prior to the bombing, for "Americans not to be at Abbey Gate" due to the threat. Why did American Military Command (and President Joe Bidden) leave American troops exposed.?  Who made that plan? Who gave those orders?    Why were no Taliban security forces injured in the blast, where the day before were pictures of Taliban Security forces, with whips and pipes,  mingled in the crowds right in front of the American Troops.- as our American brothers and sisters were left to die?

WHY...WHY ... no Threat Assessment was performed - as is the policy for every deployment!

July 17, 2021 Biden said there was a total 65,000 Afghans (translators, SIV, and their families) all who helped America that were vetted and arrangements were made for their safe exit.  August 30 th Bidden congratulated himself on the success of 130,000 evacuees (only 5,500 Americans). That leaves about 60,000 who knows who on those planes. Several thousand have now landed in Virginia- And now Virginia is in need of "TRANSLATORS !?".  

Biden promises 50,000 homes will be built by the military to house Afghan refugees. Meanwhile 37,000 veterans of the wars remain homeless.  Coincidence that Joe's brother got a contract to build 100,000 homes for Afghans in Afghanistan. 

Biden - unacceptable to put more troops in Afghanistan. BUT HE DID JUST THAT. Around August 15 Biden increased the troop level from 650 troops to 5,500 to secure Kabul Airport but not enough to secure the corridor from the airport to where the Americans were trapped. Even though the Taliban offered to leave Kabul to Americans but Biden refused. More troops, said Biden repeatedly, would keep the war going on forever. But we have 35,000 troops in Germany, and 50,000 troops in South Korea - would Germany  not be America's longest war?  As commander-in-chief Biden chose to leave Americans to die - so he could claim victory.  

Did you see the videos of our planes trying to take off surrounded by thousands, and those who tried to get out by clinging to the wheel wells?    Guess who also got on the American Planes !! over 100 Taliban who are on the No-Fly List - who are now in America onAmerican Military bases.!!  During the 20 year engagement the deadliest action facing our troops was BLUE on GREEN (highly vetted Afghan translators, etc shooting Americans in the back! Ask any veteran who served in Afghan.   Today Sept 9, 2021 Biden is fast-tracking green-cards to over 65,000 Afghans  (who will be more fully vetted later).

Remember Biden gave the Taiban a data-file on Americans and Afghans. Now many of those are in America - BUT their families may have been left behind --- and the Taliban knows who they are and, as in the past, use their relatives to force those Afghans now in America to do terrorists acts. Already one Afghan, aboard a plane headed for the U.S. was caught with a bomb - but the State Department claimed not a terrorist threat. (Sept 8, 2021)       



We owe the Afghans. We tried to bring democracy, to free men and women. But we do not owe them citizenship.  We owe them safety - someplace where they can follow their own dreams. 

We went into Afghan only because Afghan harbored Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda

Biden takes all the credit for the greatest airlift in history. But it was also done by the U.K. Royal Airforce , planes and pilots from 15 countries Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain who were scrambling to get their own citizens and soldiers out   Biden closed the airspace on August 15   Needing special permission from Biden to land or takeoff. After the bombing at Abbey Gate Britain and France flew in their planes and soldiers and to get their citizens out. 

Biden claims support from our allies and has not heard any criticism.  Does no one read the papers to him?
British, Germany, and France are all critical. The British parliament unanimously calling Biden an imbecile !

Panjshir providence continues to fight the Taliban. They sure could have used all that military equipment Biden gave away to the Taliban

Afghanistan was and continues to be the largest producer of opium. It’s also harvest time. Why didn’t Biden do one decent thing … burn the poppy fields .. yeah we all know why we were there for 20 years and why Biden allow the Taliban the worlds largest cash crop! 

The Worse Acts of any Presidency.

Leaving Americans Behind.

Disrespect for our Military

At Dover Air Base, as the 13 arrive, there are video's of Biden who keeps looking at his watch ... 5 times won't see that on MSNBC and the "news media" (they excuse that as looking at his rosary beads! - more BS) . Sept 1 NYT "Fact Checked the report of Biden checking the time and wrote "party false as Biden did check his watch but it was after the ceremony:  Sept 2: after the Gold Star Families were furious at that report and claimed that they were there and watched Biden check his watch 5 times DURING the ceremony.  the NYT partly retracted and said yes Biden did check his watch sometime during the ceremony.   2 families refused to attend.

Families of the fallen - had their twitter, instagram  and facebook accounts taken down - WHY ?

Only one military man spoke out. Lt. Col. Stu Scheller.  Lt. Col. Stu Scheller said these people deserve accountability ... and he was THE ONLY ONE FIRED - within one hour for demanding accountability! . Lt. Col. Stu Scheller video went viral - but was taken down by Social Media censorship!

CUT & RUN. Was that Bidden's Mission? 

Dunkirk ... Nothing and No One was left Behind 

20 pieces of silver ... Joe Biden, and top generals got more.  Please look at the Biden-China connection.

Besides hundreds of Americans, and thousands of Afghans left behind -  Joe Biden also left hundreds of our Army Service Dogs who were crated and ready to board the planes when Biden ordered our dogs to be abandoned

...  as the last plane left ... White House Staff burst into applause


Please support  "PINEAPPLE"  

Pineapple is private Americans who continue to work to get out Americans, the several hundred Americans who were left behind as Biden ordered the military to leave them behind. Pineapple  continues to help Afhgans, Christians, and Americans out BUT Biden directed our Afghan Ambassador Ross Wilson to DENY any private plane landing rights anywhere - even friendly countries. 

Please never forgot those who gave their lives ...

Rylee McCollum, 20

Daegan Page, 23

Maxton Soviak, 22

Hunter Lopez, 22

Jared M. Schmitz, 20

Nicole L. Gee, 23

Darin T. Hoover, 31

Kareem M. Nikoui, 20

Johanny Rosariopichardo, 25

Humberto A. Sanchez, 22

David L. Espinoza, 20

Dylan R. Merola, 20

Ryan C. Knauss, 23,





make no mistake ... This was Betrayal 

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