Now that you created just the most perfect brew. .. You want to maintain that freshness and the carbonation. Flat brew is really not my cup of tea.  Most kegging systems costs a few hundred dollars or more. Well worth it for your man cave. BUT. In the kitchen?  A mini keg you can even fit in the fridge. Or take with and have a real picnic. Talk about tailgate. Opportunity awaits … 

Want low alcohol - but miss the carbonation?

Forced carbonation. This will allow you to keep the original kombucha draught taste and the alcohol as low as possible without adversely effecting the taste.Create a perfect glass of kombucha tea every time. If you desire more alcohol or less alcohol. Lots of carbonation and foam or just a little. You can also do your Second Ferment and/or add your beneficial minerals right in your mini keg. The choice is yours. We offer several systems that use readily available CO2 cartridges, from a few dollars to a hundred or so.  You'll be surprised how great your brews will impress your friends and family. 

For more suggestions How to Carbonate  read our Blog Post 

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