Mini Keg Carbonation System

Extra CO2 Cartridges $7.85

64 oz Mini Keg Pressurized Growler 

In Stock and Ready to Ship.

Complete with one 16 gram threaded CO2 Cartridge. 

Optional 5 pack (16 gram) 

Our Mini-Legs accepts either the 8 gram or the 16 gram threaded cartridges. 

Fill with your favorite Probiotic or drink. Carbonate and ready to travel.  

No need to bottle and your brew is always Fresh and Carbonated just as you love it.

We've had these designed specifically for Kombucha, Ginger Beer and Water Kefir. We've  had an additional stainless steel tube on the inside to reach the bottom of the can. Otherwise all the  CO2 just sits on the top and forces the brew out,Our modification actually mixes CO2 throughout the brew, putting the carbonation right where you want it - in the brew. Our second modification was the additional of a food grade and stainless steel filter. This reduces the possibility of clogs and keeps your pour cleaner.  

Has a pressure gauge so you can set to the pleasure pressure of your choice.

Beer spear will fit 1 Gallon and other size standard growlers - sold separately 

For those, like me, who want to keep the alcohol levels to the absolute minimum and don't want to do a Second Fermentation and Bottling which increases the alcohol levels, this method is simply the best. And you still can do a Second Ferment right in the  Stainless Steel Can if you choose. 

BTW Growler as per Wikipedia -- A growler is a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel jug used to transport draft beer in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil and other countries.  The uKeg 64 is a growler with a built in Carbonation Tap that keeps your brew fresh and well carbonated. You can set the degree of carbonation you like.  

Perfect Carbonation Options

Availability In Stock Ready to Ship
Height 13.00
Width 8.50
Depth 10.00
GTIN mini keg 5L with Tap
MPN 5L Mini Keg Tapping System
Sku MiniTap64
Kombucha Pressurized Growler. great Mini Keg. at Home or away.
Best affordable mini keg dispenser.Special made for Soda Probiotics that want more carbonation.
We adapted our Mini Keg for Kombucha, Ginger Beer and Soda Probiotics by installing a stainless steel filler that reaches to the bottom and added a filter to prevent clogging. Better Carbonation. Better Pour.
Beer Spears and Complete Mini System. CO2 carbonating from $10 to $300
Complete Mini Keg all you need is the brew. More to choose from. Automatically regulates and maintains carbonation.Pressurized growler specially adapted for Soda Probiotics.