Continuous Brewers (with spigots)

All our vessels may be used for any type of ferment or brewing. Be it Kombucha, Ginger Beer, Cider, Vinegar, Wine, Water Crystals or your own secret brew.  What’s offered here are containers that have spigots. A truly great convenience.  This also makes Continuous Brewing far easier. 

Should be no surprise. but. Glass Breaks. Use ONLY room temperature liquid. Carefully inspect when it first arrives. We do ship insured. Report any damage immediately.   Clean with white distilled vinegar, and check for leaks BEFORE using .

Continuous Brewing offers the “optimum” health benefits of the nutrients are more readily available. Another advantage is that there is no need to do weekly cleaning, less worry if your ferment is ready or not, mold is less likely to form , Less need to do bottling or extra storage. Simply pour off a glass of your prefect brew. . 

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