3 Gal Conical Fermenting System Amber

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Brew Demon offers their fermenters in either a Clear or Amber . 

Clear you can see you can spy on your ferment.

Amber hides what you're doing  ...


Brew Capacity  2 to 21/2 gallon.

Perfect for Continuous Brewing.

PVC Food Grade plastic. BPA free, Odor-free and adds no taste to your brew.

Collects the sediment and sludge at the bottom. Save this yeast  for later if you choose.

This conical shape allows you to Rack instead of filtering. Right  into your bottle or glass for a clear clean brew.

The shape, larger at the top than the bottom has a a greater surface area for the acetobacter to interact with the oxygen producing more beneficial acids and a superior Kombucha or vinegar. Ginger Beer, Water Kefir, or even beer, hard cider, wine and mead if you decide to use an airlock or not don't suffer. A separate cork and airlock are not necessary as the Brew Demon has a venting plug built in. 


The unit stands:  18 inch  x 10 inch  wide

(1) 3-Gallon Conical Fermenter

(1) Fermenter Base

(1) one inch spigot

(1) Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly

(1) Venting Plug

(1) Cloth for aerobic fermenting

(1) rubber band to secure cloth

(1) 70 page Kombucha 3.0 brewing guide

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Brew Demon Amber

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