7.9 Gallon Conical Fermenter

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This is an excellent fermenter for any type of ferment. Beer, Wine, Cider, Mead, Vinegar, Jun, Ginger Beer and especially Kombucha.

The 2 main advantages of this fermenter over all the Kombucha Fermenters is this.

1) Kombucha  ferments best in a container that is wider at the top. This allows  greater oxygen exchange and a superior brew.

2) The Continuous Brewing Method, using the FastFerment, is superior to any other vessel. The Collection Ball collects most of the sediment (trub or lees) below the spigot to keep your draw clearer and sediment free. Importantly you can collect the sediment (to re-use latter) without disturbing the ferment. For a heavier more yeasty robust flavor leave the sediment in longer. For a clearer, crisper brew remove more often. This prevents possible off-flavors and odors from developing and less time spent cleaning the container. You control the amount of sediment and have greater control over your brew.

Eliminate 80% of sanitizing and cleaning with this all-in-one fermentor. Conduct all stages of fermentation in this single vessel. Remove the trub from the bottom of the fermentor instead of transferring all your liquid to secondary. No siphons, no secondary fermentor to sanitize, no extra bungs and airlocks.

FastFerment produces dramatically clearer, better results. Start each batch cleaner by letting debris settle out into the collection ball before pitching your yeast! Remove the debris, and pitch into ultra-clear brew. Plus, FastFerment minimizes the risk of oxidation and contamination, preventing off-flavors and infection. Keep your batch safe from external spoiling factors by keeping it in one place.

Cloth and rubber band and our special ~ 70 page Kombucha 3.0 brewing guide included. 

We’ll include an extra spigot midway for your Continuous Brew (optional) 


    • Easy Cleaning and Batch Stirring - 6" (15cm) removable screw top
    • Total Capacity 7.9 US Gallons/ 30 Liters - Made for 6 Gallon batches with SCOBY
    • Easy Wall Mounting System - Mounts to standard 16" (40cm) wall studs
    • 33% Bigger Valve for Increased Flow Rate - 1" (2.5cm) Bottom valve compared vs. 3/4" (2cm)
    • Collection Ball for Yeast Harvesting - Save $100's & harvest your Yeast Strains!
    • Temperature Monitoring Capabilities - ThermoWell included - Thermometer Available.

  • Advantage of the Continuous Brewing method is that the “optimum” health benefit of the nutrients are more readily available. Other Advantage is that there is no need to do weekly cleaning, no need to worry about the kombucha mushroom, mold is less likely to form , Great Kombucha Tea is readily available, and there is less need to do bottling or extra storage. Simply pour off a cup of perfect KT. 

Only continuous brewing of kombucha allows the formation of different acids that are constantly being produced  and broken down through out the active ferment time.  Kombucha Researcher Mike Rousin indicated that at 80o F and 7 days the ferment has the greatest variety of health benefits. (vitamins, oxylic acid, etc) However, he also noted that the longer fermentation proceeds the more beneficial acids have a chance to form. Some of these acids don't even appear until 14-21 days in the process.  These acids are largely responsible for the detoxifying nature of KT and are  the catalysts we seek in K-Tea. Glucose content maximizes around the 8th or 9th day. This implies that gluconic acid production could not peak until after that point. Gluconic acid is the biggest single contributor to the detox effect.

A longer brewing cycle, say 20-30 days, may deplete the total sugar or reduce the caffeine content, but the taste (unless finely filtered) is pretty much undrinkable.

The complete range is always present and can be maintained by bottling. Bottling or drinking the brew should be done prior to adding the fresh sugar and tea. If one person wishes a more sour tea simple draw off and allow to ferment longer in a separate uncapped bottle.

Additional Information

Continuous Brew Guide, Step by Step with pictures
Conical Fermenters are great. Yeast gets trapped below and is easy to remove ball. and discard or save the yeasts. Dramatically clearer results. Faster more convenient Bottling. We'll even add an optional spigot midway fro your Continuous Brew

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