Milk Ferments

Traditional Functional Food. Simple and easy, no cooking. Lasts a lifetime. 

Lactobacillus is the principle probiotic that creates these functional foods. They produce mainly lactic acid which transforms our body into health. This genus of bacteria, Lactobacillus, also transforms water and vegetables into incredible delicious and Functional Food. Like sauerkraut, kim-chee, pickles and beans. When fermented in water and sugar Lactobacillus creates a delicious, nutritious Functional Drink, like Japanese Water Crystals, Water Kefir, Jun and Ginger Beer Plant. 

The difference between this bacteria (Lactobacillus) which are referred to as Lactic Acid producing bacteria (LAB) and another genus of bacteria the Acetobacter which also create a delicious, nutritious Functional Drinks like Kombucha Mushroom Tea and MOV (Mother of Vinegar) is that the principle acid produced is Acetic Acid and in the case of Kombucha acetic acid and gluconic acid. 

The yeast in these ferments, play a minor role. It is the bacteria, which fuels our Functional Foods creating Health

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