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Tanekin kefir yogurt

Contains 10 packages of yogurt kefir - each package makes 2-3 cups of Kefir. Guaranteed Success. Includes our 30+ page guide with recipes for kefir cheese, desserts, beauty aids.

Guaranteed healthy and your complete satisfaction

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Basic Kefir Recipe:

Place the grains in any glass of milk, set on the counter and the next day you have KEFIR !  Simple, Easy, Healthy.

Save a tablespoon to make another cup of yogurt-kefir.

Dry Milk Kefir Grains. Tanekin kefir yogurt are similar to KCN brand Kefir. These are dry kefir or kefir in a powdered form. The reference to Milk Kefir is to their food source – lactose sugar in milk that these bacteria feed on.

Live Milk Kefir Grains, refers to the actually kefir grains, popcorn size colonies of bacteria that also utilize lactose to ferment the milk. Dry Kefir Grains produce a good and nutritious Milk Kefir, but only once or twice. Each succeeding glass the culture’s vitality is reduced. Thus one has to purchase new packages to make the next batch of yogurt kefir.

The best way to ensure a nice supply is to stock up and leave the packages in the fridge until ready for use. They should be used within the year so do enjoy them when you have them.

These are not “Water Kefir Grains”. 

Water Kefir Grains or Japanese Water Crystals or Water Kefir, are small peas size pieces that often float up and down in the container. Sometimes called California Bee’s due to their fancy bouncing around. Water Kefir ferment juices, where Milk Kefir ferments milk.

In our opinion Milk Kefir is much healthier, and contain far less alcohol. Mother Theresa though referred to Water Kefir as a Blessing as it was very healthy for the very under-nourished children she daily attended to, and referred to them as a gift from God.

Now we even have  America's  Ultimate Probiotic yep ... Probiotic Gummies. 

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Kefir Tanekin

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