Pseudo Ginseng

Pseudo Ginseng are herbs that have similar effect as real ginseng. but not as costly. Overall they are good substitutes. However they are not as powerful. One should examine their own body and constitution and define what their individual goals are. 

One difference is that Ginseng  (s) are Roots. They may be cooked to individual preferences, go very well with other foods in soups and stews. Their taste is acceptable and are good straight as a tea. 

Most Pseudo Ginseng (s) are herbs. Have a bitter taste, don't go well cooked in foods. Are an acquired taste. They are effective and saves money. One exception is Dang Shen very Ginseng like in all aspects. including cooking an dtaste. We used Dang Shen a lot in our California Clinic but had to use 3-4 times as much as real ginseng for effect. 

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