Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) Extract

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Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero or Eleutherococcus senticosus  - is the secret Russian, Swedish and Canadian Olympian elixir.

2 fl oz. Extract

In Traditonal Chinese  Medicine, Siberian Ginseng  is within the TCM framework of naturally balancing the body. In western science this aboility is referred to as an Adaptogen. Other Adaptogens in Chinese Herbs; wu wei zi, siberian ginseng, Gan Cao, Shu Di huang, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Astragalus, Gotu Kola, Aswagandha. and reshi mushrooms.

What is an Adaptogen?

In 1947, the Russian scientists Lazarev coined the word 'adaptogen' for the unique "unspecified" effect certain plants had in the body and the on physical and emotional stress, fatigue, depression and organic illness. Later research found signficant improvements in keenness of sight and a widened field of vision, improve concentration, co-ordination and endurance, plus resistance to fatigue and muscular pain. They increase the general capacity of the human body to adjust and increase resistance in general - not localized to a specific body organ; and they have a "normalizing" elect, restorative rather than curative, on irregular bodily imbalance - as a result of physicallernotional stress Horn depression, anxiety, noise and occupational tension, biological stress from infection, chemical stress from alcohol, salt and environmental toxins and even changes in external conditions such as high altitude, extreme climate or irregular day rhythms Adopttogens heighteni the general resistance of the human body to infections, chemical poisons and stress, as well as safely increasing muscle strength and mental capacity

Purported uses according to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

- Chemotherapy side effects
- Health maintenance
- Immunostimulation
- Strength and stamina

Siberian Ginseng Constituents
Terpenoids: Oleanolic acid
Glycosides: Eleutheroside A (daucosterin), B1, C - G
Phytosterols: Beta-sitosterol
Coumarins: Eleutheroside B1 and B3, isofraxidine
Polysaccharides: Eleutherans
Others: Volatile oils, caffeic acid, coniferyl aldehyde, glucose, maltose,

Suggested usage:

Average Daily Dose: 0.6-3.0 g of dry root.Modern Use: make as a simple tea using 1-3-(one teaspoon) in a cup of hot water. Tonic for invigoration and fortification in times of fatigue and debility, also during convalescence.

For kombuchga brewing use 25-30% with real tea 

Contraindications: High blood pressure. Should be avoided or taken with caution by individuals who are highly energetic, nervous, tense, hysteric, manic or schizophrenic. One source recommends that it should be avoided during pregnancy.  Possible Drug Interactions: Eleuthero should not be taken with stimulants, including coffee, antipsychotic drugs or during treatment with hormones. May cause falsely elevated digoxin serum assays Insulin / hypoglycemics: Theoretical additive hypoglycemic effect Hexobarbital: Eleuthero inhibits metabolism possibly by inhibition of cytochrome p450 2C19  Digoxin: Elevate serum digoxin levels (8).Monomycin / Kanamycin: Increases efficacy of these antibiotics due to enhanced T-lymphocyte activity Reported: Insomnia, drowsiness, nervousness, tachycardia, headache, hypoglycemia

Adaptogens, Brekrnan clarified, are harmless and have no side effect's

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 Additional Information

additioanl information about Ginsengs and Adaptogen
Eleuthero Ginseng Siberian Ginseng - secret Olympian elixir. 4 oz (120 grams)

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Siberian Ginseng 2 oz Extract

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