You are at the right place for Kombucha.  We started serving Kombucha in our Acupuncture and Medicinal Herb practice in Santa Cruz, CA. in 1997, by providing our clients with Kombucha Mushroom Tea and SCOBY, Starter Cultures, to better assist their health concerns. Kombucha benefitted many patients to achieve their individual goals like weight loss, increase energy, fatigue, better sleep.  As well as a wide range of health benefits all without any adverse side affects. Kombucha really became what Hippocrates strove for ...Let your medicine be your food, and your food your medicine. 


We have ready to drink Kombucha Tea,. ready to make your own, Kombucha Starter Cultures, and Kombucha Extract, Concentrates, and capsules.  

Plus our  Kombucha Brewing Guide and Independent Research, along with our own research and clinical findings from years of clinical practice. Although the health benefits of kombucha are universal, kombucha may not be for everyone, every time.  Please do read over our article on Kombucha Cautions