Kombucha Torulaspora delbrueckii

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Kombucha SCOBY Happy Herbalist's Pure Kombucha Starter Cultures. All natural organic kombucha.

contains: One Large Torulaspora delbrueckii kombucha mushroom culture (SCOBY) measuring a full 5 inches across and 1/4 inch thick, plus enough liquid starter tea and tea to start off up to a 2 gallon batch. Free Download our our Komcha Craft Brewing e-book We guarantee you will love our culture.

What is in our Kombucha Mushroom?

Our Kombucha Culture is specifically fermented with the Gluconacetobacter xylinus genus of acetobacter bacteria and the Torulaspora delbrueckii yeast. T. delbrueckii is a Lager or bottom yeasts where the yeasts settle more on the bottom than the top. T. Delbrueckii is uniquely different as it is an aerobic yeasts - requiring oxygen to produce alcohol. Other yeasts, when bottled build up both pressure and alcohol, With T. Delbrueckii as the oxygen levels are depleted both the yeast and the bacteria go dormant and there is less dramatic change in the composition of one's bottled brew. It also is slower in its production of alcohol and produces lower amounts. It does ferment the sugars more completely therefore ideally this choice will produce lower sugars and lower alcohol levels. An excellent choice for bottled kombucha. This yeast does better at lower temperatures. Ferments nicely in the Winter. Its temperature range is 50-80F. Remember that the Glunconacetobacter requires 74-84F to be productive. Its taste profile is along the lines of a cloudy German Wheat Beer with higher ester notes (mainly banana, rose and bubblegum) and a decreased phenolic character

A few breweries, wishing to increase the alcohol potential as much a spossible will introduce T delbrueckii (yeast) along with Saccharomyces.(yeasts) Where Saccharomyces is a fast producer it does not finish off all the available sugars, enter T delbrueckii who, although is slower to start is a strong finisher and finishes off available sugars producing a drier (less sweet) brew. Good for those that want to maximize the alcohol levels. For those that wish to deplete the alcohol that is produced you have to allow gluconobacter (bacteria) more time. Since the bacteria have to wait for the yeast's cycle to start diminishing. IF you really don't want the alcohol at all only use T delbrueckii as the only yeast and avoid the hetero-fermentative Lactobacillus. The homeo-fermentative species of Lactobacillus is OK as this sub-species does not produce alcohol only Lactic Acid.

You have the choice of adding Lactobacillus (bacteria). LAB produces beneficial lactic acid and smooths the harsher acetic acid. LAB works synergistically to enhance kombucha's overall health benefit. These are nice advantages. The disadvantage is adding a third player. Maintaining the balance between the bacteria and yeast which producce kombucha is thus that much harder. Though we rarely feel any trouble. The more noticeable disadvantage is that it adds alcohol potential when one may be trying to limit the amount overall. Lactobacillus amy also produce a surface film and should not be confused with a Kombucha SCOBY.

You may want to add the LAB to this strain because you really like the taste and profile.

Each yeast has a characteristic taste and each bacteria produces particular acids which create a sourness or sharpness or helps smooth out and mellow the brew. The more options one has the greater the complexity of the ferment but rewarded in the complexity of the taste.

How to Brew Alcohol-Free Kombucha Tea

Want to read more about creating specific profiles please visit our Research Library and What is in our Kombucha.

 Serendipity ... its an adventure.

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