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Ed Kasper has been a leading advocate of safe and healthy kombucha since 1997. He has served as a consultant and advisor to several national, regional and local kombucha brewers, including many kombucha brewers online.

Ed was professional trained and tested for competency in acupuncture and in the prescription of herbal medicine by the State of California. Retired 2011, Ed continues to practice homeopathy, herbs and alternative healing. As well as helping around the house


Sue grew up in Tianjin, China and was a Traditional Chinese nurse. Now running  and devoting time to raising our  daughters age 13 and 19, and telling Ed what to do.

Ed utilizes the Six Stages of Diseases, common to TCM and Homotoxicology, as well as the theory of Pleomorphism to his understanding of the progression of diseases and the return to natural healthy state. Natural herbal medicine and homeopathy offers a well established proven avenue for common everyday disorders as well as serious maladies. They continue to be extremely safe and effective for new-born babies, children and seniors. Sports injuries have always been treated with natural medicine and herbs - only due to nefarious reasons, steroids and pharmaceuticals becoming prominent during the last decades.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , Diet and Life-style are critical to optimum health. Food is your medicine and your medicine your food. Simple care along with simply food is the best method to regain and maintain one's health.  We do not accept the Standard American Diet as endorsed by the American Medical Association or the American Food and Drug Administration as a legitimate health care regime.  The use of pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical stabilizers, preservatives, food coloring and enhancers do not add value to our food - they subsidize privileged corporations who do not know how to farm and do threaten our children's health.

We offer viable health alternatives to harsh chemicals, synthetic drugs, and to synthetic "natural" herbs.  We believe that isolated, standardized, concentrated single components of a natural herb are drugs (phyto-pharmaceuticals).

Traditional Chinese Medicine,  understands  Probiotics are Functional Foods. these foods, aid the Stomach to better digest food and assists the Spleen to deliver nutrition. aids the Liver to remove toxins and accumulations from the body. When your digestion and elimination are good your health is good. Probiotics aid the Heart and Calm the Spirit, so one may rest easily and think clearly. Probiotics open the Lungs so one breathes freely and regain lost energy. Diet (probiotics) and lifestyle is the simplest, easiest most economical way of restoring and maintaining your health.

We believe when intervention is necessary that your first choice of medical attention should be what will benefit the body most. Herbs and homeopathics offer a short-term intervention that very often work and work well. We do believe that western allopathic medicine is vital to health and may be absolutely necessary and should not be avoided. One must make an informed choice.

Our probiotics are alive and healthy. They will continue to grow, reproduce and prosper. in a true symbiotic relationship our bodies will continue to grow, reproduce and prosper. You will not only achieve good health yourself but be able to pass along these blessings to your family and friends.

My goal is not create a better commercial product (although I help breweries in that goal). My goal is to create a better Home Brew that is both tasty and Healthy . Food that is also one's medicine. 

I want to thank the TCM community the kombucha and kefir worldwide family that has supported my quest for almost 20 years. 

Thank you.   

local cell / text 919-518-3336 (Eastern Time) 

516 Alliance Circle  Cary, NC 27519


We are Happy to hear your comments. 


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