If you are a current victim of EBS, or even if you are worried about EBS, please pay close attention, because some day you or someone you love will suffer from EBS.


Kombucha Mushroom Tea is the only known cure for EBS...Empty Bottle Syndrome.  Learn about EBS and take advantage of a remedy that works overtime.  No need to suffer needlessly, and we'll even give you all the help you need to get started today

What are you missing out on when you let that bottle sit empty?

Aides digestion,
help arthritis & increase mobility
helps with acid reflux
Cleanses toxins from the system
Clears and Improves skin
Clears nail fungus and athlete's foot
Eases carpal tunnel syndrome
Eliminates warts, moles and age spots
Helps reduce desire for alcohol
Good underarm deodorant
Great beverage
Hair and nails seem to grow faster
help bronchitis, asthma, allergies,
help burn off fat and weight loss
help muscular aches & pains
Helps relieve menstrual cramps
Improved circulation
Improved eyesight reduces  "e;floaters"e;
Improved flexibility
Increase sex drive
Insect repellent
For hot spots on dogs and kills fleas
Good for your skin
Graet to share with your best friend
Makes a good hair rinse
Makes a wonderful facial.
Makes a soothing foot soak.
Soothes burns and sunburn
Helps reduce oral canker sores
reduce hot flashes during menopause
reduces / stabilizes blood pressure.
Rejuvenating effect
Smoothes out Cellulite
Stress buster
Takes the sting and swelling away from Bee Stings
Thickens hair, some have claimed  turns back to original color
Prevents eczema and controls psoriasis
Restores natural hair color
Household Cleaner: cuts grease, cleans stoves, bathroom tiles, windows, copper & brass
Remove freckles & age spots; eliminate wrinkles, rashes,
AIDS,  HIV and CANCER Fighter and other Metabolic Diseases
 more energy, less aches

of course it does a lot more. so if you find yourself going broke buying ours (or shudder someone's else's) we'll help you get started making your own. Its easy and simple. Use our organic kombucha starter kit and there-after simply add fresh water, tea and sugar. for a Life Time Supply. We provided a straight forward easy to follow directions with lots of pictures and advice. Click here to learn how to make your own kombucha tea and do your part to End World EBS.cheers-end-ebs-today.jpg


brought to you by  Live Long and prosper

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