Adding Herbs & Spices

Here are some ways to add Medicinal Herbs and spices to your diet.

1. Tincture

2.Brewing in your kombucha Brew

Tincturing and preparing your own personal herbal formulas are simple and affective.

If you are unsure of which herbal combination's are right for you, just email with your questions and concerns.

Brew your kombucha as normal plus another 8 days or until very very sour. then strain and filter into a mason jar.

Add one Herbal T-Bag or our special herbal extract to your strained brew. Stand mixture in a window sill or some place warm for 2-3 days. Strain again,

Test the pH. We want the pH to be 4.0 as measured by a pH meter.

If the pH is below 4.0 then re-bottle and keep refrigerated. If over 4.0 then add vinegar or 20% alcohol by volume

Drink 8 ounces daily for one week. Discard unused portion after one month.

By itself Kombucha Tea is a nice healthy drink. A little like apple-cider. There are literally hundreds of claims made everyday. However since each brew is individual and dependent upon a great many factors your results will vary. Most common claims are Increased Energy, Weight Loss or Gain, Better Sleep, Body Building Benefits, Reduced Stress, Relaxation and a general feeling of well being. Remember your results will vary...The Happy Herbalist will freshly powder herbs of your choice or you may select from the combination below.

Common to all peoples are fermented products. Developed in all parts of the world to utilize foods from a time of plenty (harvest) to a time of shortage (winter) as were "dried" and other stored foods such as kombucha, sauerkraut, cheese, pickles, soy, kefir, tofu, etc.TCM developed pills or "wan" some 2,000 years ago to " extend the shelf life" of herbal formulas. Most of these are honey coated powdered herbs. TCM also produces "drafts" - powdered herbs that mixed with a liquid such as water, vinegar, wine or alcohol. There are also TCM Medicinal Wines and Vinegars that preserved herbal formulas. As well as the use of stored dried herbs that are mixed fresh and formed into unique individual TCM prescription.Harald Tietze's and others points out that "scientifically" totally different results (after 14 days of fermentation with black tea) are achieved compared with results from brewing kombucha with herbal teas. This is consistent with TCM and popular opinion. That is - if one brews Kombucha using different "herbal" teas different results will be achieved. The benefit of which is unknown.What I suggest, follows TCM, is that "medicinal herbs" prescribed for a specific individual (not a broad category of disease) be added after the Kombucha (brewed with normal Black Tea) has "aged" 14 days or longer.The longer brewing time is mandatory to complete the sugar conversion and reduce the pH as low as possible.Any herbs that work within the TCM function of a vinegar: warming, breaks up stagnated Blood and Qi, increases circulation, may be added and their affects better understood and anticipated.1. freshly powder, cut up or break into small pieces your choice of herbs. the quantity and combination of herbs will depend upon presentation2. Place the Kombucha Vinegar and herbs in a pint or quart mason jar with lid. Better results are possible following typical canning procedure but are not necessary.3. Place in direct sunlight for 2 days4. Strain and drink.note: if you begin Saturday morning, Sunday would be the 2nd sunlight and Sunday at dusk would be the first dose. For chronic conditions allow an additional sunlight day.You may also use as a wash, bath or foot soak. As a rule; For acute conditions take 1/2 cup that evening and again just prior to bedtime, finishing the next day in 2 or 3 dosages. For chronic conditions take smaller doses over a longer period of time.

NOTES: Because of the possibility of spoilage

1). keep refrigerated and warm the dose prior to ingestion.

2). Do not use after 4 weeks from the first brewing date.

3). White distilled vinegar may be added as a preservative where the pH is under 4.0

4). Over 20% alcohol (per volume) becomes destructive to the friendly Kombucha, as well as is treated as a different TCM mythology: Alcohol is HOT as vinegar is WARM and does not break up stasis as vinegar does.

5). Use Happy Herbalist's Pure Distilled Kombucha as a preservative. Our pure distilled kombucha contains all the water-soluble nutrients of regular Kombucha Tea except of course the live nutrients.

Use your Medicinal Tea and Spices right in with your tea when brewing Kombucha Tea.

1. freshly powder, cut up or break into small pieces your choice of herbs. the quantity and combination of herbs will depend upon presentation. Place in a Tea Bag or tea strainer

3. Use as you would a tea bag.note: you may use your normal Kombucha brew as well, however TCM patterns may be adversely affected by the "sweet taste" which (in oversimplified terms) works opposite to the vinegar energy. see below for some herbs that work well with kombucha

Excerpted from Harald W. Tietz Kombucha The Miracle Fungus and Kombucha Tealogogy Over 1001 ways to Brew Kombucha for Best Flavor and Maximum Healing .

General Rules: The amount of herbal tea used, should be twice that of common tea, i.e. approximately 10 grams per litre. (A heaped teaspoon of leaves is approximately 5 grams.) The first number in brackets represents the amount of herb and the /second number indicates the amount, or ratio of common tea (black or green tea) to be used. For example Cayenne is listed as (1/5) therefore one would use One Part (or teaspoon) of Cayenne to Five parts (or teaspoons) to Black tea.

CELERY natural diuretic, relief of rheumatism. (1/3)

CHAMOMILE carminative and sedative. gastro-intestinal disorders. (1/4)

CAYENNE stimulate, strengthens circulatory and cardio muscular system. (1/5)

DANDELION digestive disorders, rheumatism and gout. (1/3)

ELDER FLOWERS blood purifier, gentle laxative. (1/1)

GENTIAN promotes digestibility. (1/5)

GOLDEN ROD beneficial for kidneys and urinary tract. (1/2)

HAWTHORN cardiac tonic. stimulates the supply of oxygen to the heart muscle. Regulates blood pressure and heart action. (1/2)

HORSETAIL urinary tract disturbances, also for bed wetting. (1/2)

MARSHMALLOW digestive and respiratory inflammation (1/3)

MOTHERWORT antispasmodic heart tonic, anxiety; nervous irritability over active thyroid. for female complaints and nursing mothers. (1/3)

MULLEIN cleansing expectorating effect on respiratory tract mucous . (1/2)

PAWPAW see essiac tea, kombucha and Cancer

PEPPERMINT stomach intestinal complaints. disinfectant, carminative. promotes flow of bile - helps flatulence, vomiting, soothes nausea. (1/5)

SAGE blood cleanser, suppresses perspiration. thyroid glands disorders or during menopause, irregular and painful menstruation. Gargles for laryngitis, tonsillitis, ulcerated and sore throats. (1/4)

SHEPHERD'S PURSE uterine hemorrhages. menstrual difficulties. nose, mouth, bladder respiratory tract. Regulates high / low blood pressure. (1/3)

ST. JOHN'S WORT nervous disorders. depression hormonal imbalance. (1/4)

VALERIAN ROOT insomnia and calmative. (1/5)

STINGING NETTLE rheumatism - to reduce excess acidity. (1/3)

YARROWFor bleeding. hemorrhoids. Varicose, menstrual disorders. improves circulation, antispasmodic. (1/4)


AIDS Kombucha fermented teas immune system supporting teas such as Echinacea are used. mixed with green tea for better fermentation.

Arthritis Research shows that Kombucha fermented common tea showed the best results in herbal treatment of arthritis. Other teas: Golden Rod, Hyssop, Polar

Blood Pressure (according to Tietz) Hawthorn is the best herb to balance blood pressure. For high blood pressure one cup is taken each morning and evening, For low blood pressure half a cup is taken each morning and each evening. Other teas may be taken to alter or as an addition to Hawthorn tea like Dandelion, Elder Flowers, Heather-scotch, Stinging Nettle, Sage, Scurvy Grass, Strawberry

Cancer Essiac, a mixture of Burdock root arctium lappa, Rhubarb root rheum palmatum Sheep Sorrel rumex acetosa and Slippery Elm ulmus fulva, became very popular in the last few years in cancer self Treatment Paw Paw Leaf powder (Carica Papaya)

Gout Dandelion 2, Stinging Nettle 1, Horsetail 2, Birch 1, Rosehip (with seed) 1, Raspberry 1

Menopause: Some women reported that they have started menstruating regularly since they started drinking Kombucha even when they had no menstruation for up to eight years. Other women reported that early in their menopause they menstruate regularly after using Kombucha.

Mixture MA: Hawthorn 1, Melissa 2, Orange Flowers 1, St. John's Wort 1, Dandelion 2, Sage 1, Yarrow 2

Mixture MB: Peppermint 1, Melissa 2, Hops 1, Valerian 1, Hawthorn 2, Yarrow 2, Mistletoe 1, Senna 1, Chamomile 1

For women suffering headaches at the same time

mixture J: Green tea 2, Melissa 2, Hops 2, Peppermint 2, Hawthorn 2, Yarrow 2, Mistletoe 1, Senna 1, Chamomile 1

hot flashes drink one cup of sage in the evening.

m igraine Mate 1, Jasmine 1, Speedwell 1

Obesity Elder Flower 2, Buckthorn Bark 1, Lady's Mantle 2, Calendula 1, Dandelion 1, St. Benedict's 1

Rheumatism Angelica 1, Dandelion 2, Celery 1, Couch Grass 1, Sarsaparilla 1, Corn Silk 1

Sexual potency Hops, Lovage

Thyroid Motherwort, Sage

Water retention Stinging Nettle

Additionally: According to Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, the combination of vinegar and honey called Oxymel created the foundation for many medicinal herbal formulas as well.

Today there is considerable interest in food as medicine. One popular "Super Tonic" is the combination of vinegar with Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Hot Peppers, Horseradish and honey. You can easily substitute your Kombucha brew for vinegar and adjust to your taste. BTW this combination sounds great for a salad or on meats. Also available already prepared with our own crystal clear pure Distilled Kombucha see also kombucha recipes for more ideas

Recommended Reading Kombucha Teaology by Harald Tietze

Chinese medicine (TCM) is another approach that many people consider. There are hundreds of herbal formulas available to help. Which one is right for you is determined by a TCM Diagnosis and best diagnosed form your local acupuncturist & herbalist.To help determine if a Chinese herbal remedy would help you contact us at

Be Happy.


Let Your Food Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine Your Food 

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