Longevity Soup

Longevity Soup  A Soup Base to build Strength and Peak Performance

Happy Herbalist 's LONGEVITY SOUP HERBS Use this as a Soup Base (Stock) for soups, noodles or rice. 


Huang Qi, Gou Qi Zi, Da Zao, Shan Yao, American Ginseng. Dried Ginger, and a piece of Kombucha Mushroom,Soy Bean Sprouts, Beef, or Pork ribs (large bones) Stewing Chicken

Longevity Soup: 
Choose either 
1-2 full slabs of Organic Pork (or Beef) Ribs 
or 1 Whole Stewing Chicken (Organic) 

Wrap your choice in a towel, paper bag, or use the paper it came. This is to prevent pieces from flying about as you break the bones by hitting with a hammer. You’re breaking the bones especially the ends. This helps release the marrow when you cook. You may choose to remove the meat prior to applying the hammer. All that’s really needed here is a very small amount of meat. However Do not remove any of the cartilage – the white hard grizzle stuff. This is what you really want to be there. 

Add one cup of Kombucha Vinegar that you’ve aged.or any one of Kombucha Extracts. 

If you already drank all  your Kombucha Brew you can substitute 4 tablespoons (@ ½ good shot) of good vinegar. 

Add all to a very large pot of pure water. 

Bring to a boil 

Skim off the foamy stuff 

Add about 6 slices of fresh ginger 

Continue to cook for about 2 hours. 

Allow to cool remove any additional foam and when cool remove any fat floating on the top. This depends on the amount of meat/fat you started with. With all bones there’s relatively little foam or fat to remove. 

Add more pure water. 

Add 2 pounds of Soy Bean Sprouts bring to a boil, reduce the heat slightly and continue simmering. 

After one hour 
Add Selected Herbs and Spices. 
May vary to individual conditions. 

If you just wanna be plain mean, wait for a Full Moon and ran outside by yourself and give the moon a good howl. 

If you’re just building strength and endurance Add: a handful each of Huang Qi and Gou Qi Zi, about 5 or 6 Da Zao, 
and a couple of pieces of Shan Yao and a few pieces of American Ginseng.  Toss in a few more pieces of Ginger for taste. 

Be sure to leave the Huang Qi whole and if possible obtain the longer  larger pieces. Do not add any small pieces or the dust. Huang Qi is not  very tasty or chewy. All the other herbs are OK to leave in and are  edible. Except of course the Da Zao pits. 

Continue to cook another hour and a half. Use high heat But Do Not Boil or near boil. Just simmer. 

Remove the Huang Qi and discard. 

The American Ginseng (expensive) can be left in or removed. If removed, while the Ginseng is still hot dip in honey and then allow to cool. This is an excellent power boost. 

Allow to cool. 
 Remove any bones and fat. Remove any unwanted herbs. 

Use this as a Soup Base (Stock) for soups, noodles or rice. 
Add vegetables, potatoes, meats, herbs, spices as desired to make a fresh bowl of soup

Drink two bowls each day. One in the morning after breakfast, and one in the afternoon after a workout or exercise

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