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All our containers may be used to ferment any Probiotic - Yogurt, beer, wine, cider and vinegar. Ginger Beer, Water Crystals and Kombucha can be fermented with anything that you have in your kitchen. It really does not matter to the Kombucha SCOBY. It is, a matter of preference. 

For the connoisseur of kombucha. Aluminum, and of Couse lead vessels should be avoided for one's own personal health.  What matters most to the kombucha and vinegar production is the shape of the container.  The larger the surface area the better. The depth does not matter. The ratio of surface to depth does not matter. What is important is that the Acetobacter bacteria have as much surface oxygen as possible. Adequate ventilation is required. Lactobacillus and yeast ferment with or without oxygen. 

All ferments give off heat, evaporation and odor. Therefore be sure not to enclose your container in too tight a space, and to leave sufficient headroom (typically 3-4 inches) from the top of the container to anything above the container such as a shelf. Evaporation may condense on the surface just above and condense back into the ferment causing contamination.  Evaporation may also condense in corners and without light, mold and mildew rapidly develops. Contrary to popular belief normal room light will not adversely affect the ferment. 

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