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The actual ferment capacity (in our recommendation)  is just over one gallon to harvest  as you need to leave room at the top and save starter tea for the next ferment. By using our Continuous Brewing Method (harvesting daily) set: 19 ounces x 7 days = 133 ounces per week. 

2 Gallon Glass Jar with spigot and wood handle. Flip top closes with a tight air tight seal. Ideal for picnics and social events.

All Glass Fermenter, fantastic for Kombucha Tea / Beer, and Jun, Ginger Beer and all Water Crystals. Keeps the carbonation in 

available OPTIONS:  all stainless steel spigot, neat Hands Free Spigot, stainless steel filters, Hand made Kombucha Cover Dolly and Infuser to help keep pieces of fruit, Hops, and Spices from floating about and clogging things. 2 Piece Infuser also has an Ice Chiller where ICE can be added, keeping the beverage at a nice chill temperature without diluting the beverage. 

Ferment - Filter - Second Ferment - Refrigerate-Serve

Use to create your favorite Kombucha Tea. When ready harvest the SCOBY and some tea to start another separate batch. Fitter the fermented kombucha and start a Second Ferment. Seal the lid with the swing top cap. (beware of pressure build-up and glass breaking from excessive pressure) When nicely carbonated place in the fridge and its ready to serve.

All Glass, Lead free, a favorite for kombucha lovers. The swing top cap is air tight and allows a no spill carry around dispenser.

Of course you may use this art piece as the more common single stage fermentor but do consider the advantage of the Continuous Brewing method. The “optimum” health benefit of the nutrients are more readily available. Another advantage is that there is no need to do weekly cleaning, no need to worry about the kombucha mushroom, mold is less likely to form , Great Kombucha Tea is readily available, and there is less need to do bottling or extra storage. Simply pour off a cup of perfect KT.

Only continuous brewing of the kombucha allows the formation of different acids that are constantly being produced and broken down throughout the active ferment time. Kombucha Researcher Mike Rousin indicated that at 80o F and 7 days the ferment has the greatest variety of health benefits. (vitamins, oxylic acid, etc) However, he also noted that the longer fermentation proceeds the more beneficial acids have a chance to form. Some of these acids don't even appear until 14-21 days in the process. These acids are largely responsible for the detoxifying nature of KT and are the catalysts we seek in K-Tea. Glucose content maximizes around the 8th or 9th day. This implies that gluconic acid production could not peak until after that point. Gluconic acid is the biggest single contributor to the detox effect.

A longer brewing cycle, say 20-30 days, may deplete the total sugar or reduce the caffeine content, but the taste (unless finely filtered) is pretty much undrinkable.

The complete range is always present and can be maintained by bottling. Bottling or drinking the brew should be done prior to adding the fresh sugar and tea. If one person wishes a more sour tea simple draw off and allow to ferment longer in a separate uncapped bottle.

Largest Selection of Fermenting and Brewing Containers brewing-containers/

Continuous Brewing Method Best way to make the healthiest Kombucha Tea ever.

Large Glass Jars with and without spigots for brewing and fermenting Probiotics, largest selection, wood, plastic, glass,clay, porcelain, stainless steel

At this time our Kombucha Tea is the only know cure for EBS.

OPTIONAL 2-PIECE INFUSER The inner core holds ice to keep your beverage cold, simply add ice to the slotted core and insert it into the solid core before placing it into your dispenser. The melting ice will stay contained in the solid core so your beverage won't be watered down.

Use just the inner core to flavor your beverage with fresh fruit, herbs & spices without having all the messy pieces floating around and clogging the spigot. Use during ferment or when serving.

NOTE: Please inspect the unit as soon a it arrives. We guarantee it will arrive safe. This is regular glass not tempered. Glass breaks. Be careful when placing the spigot on and do not over-tighten. Hand tighten only. We provide 2 washes, one for the inside, on on the outside. Glass is FRAGILE. The filled glass container weights about 20 pounds. Pulling, dragging, lifting the container by the spigot will break the glass.

Free PDF Download Kombucha Craft Brewing Guide Beer, Cider, Mead, Vinegar testing for alcohol, acids, and sugar. Best method to carbonate, and more options available at our sister site

Note: Inspect items for damage and let us know ASAP.
Spigot: Check for leaks prior to adding beverage.
With the jar filled only 1/2 way with tap water hand tighten only. Over-tightening may cause the glass to crack. Again be careful not to over-tighten. .

If it is leaking from the spout. It may be a defective spigot (and we'll send a replacement) or a improperly seated interior gasket. The spigot has a nut on it that may be losses and the gasket may be re-seated or what happened after long use is sediment may be lodge inside and have to be removed.

It may be the silicon gaskets are improperly seated or damaged. If improperly seated simply remove and re-install. If damaged or the size is inapproapite we will send out replacements.

Additional Information

Great for all fermented Probiotics. Kombucha tea, Vinegar, Ginger Beer, Japanese Water Crystals, Water Kefir and more.

Warranty Information

Carefully inspect upon arrival. Any damage must be reported immediately. All items and packaging must be saved for inspection. Caution and care must be used in handling and use Clean glass with white distilled vinegar and warm water. Do not use hot water - the glass will probably break. Hand tighten the spigot. Do not over- tighten as the glass may break. Check for leaks before filling with kombucha or your favorite beverage. Glass breaks and we do not warrant that glass will not break. Once filled leave the dispenser in place. Do not drag or pull by the spigot.

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