Filter Stainless Steel Food Grade Barrel Filter


Stainless Steel Filter in Plastic housing helps keep the spigots for clogging and promotes smooth pour pour. 

305 Food Grade Stainless Steel mesh in food grade plastic. 

Makes life so much easier. 

Fits standard Mini-Keg outflow tubes to help prevent clogging and promote easy pour

Fits the standard Plastic Spigot  (3/4) via a piece of plastic tube 

Fits standard Stainless Steel Spigot (3/8) via vies of plastic tube 

Fits our Kombucha Mini Keg with Tap

Fits Mini keg Dispenser CO2 Beer Spear.

Fits our Kombucha TOGO Glass Growler



Height 2.00
Width 6.00
Depth 2.00
Sku FilterBarrel
Kombucha Brewing Filter removes yeast strands and sediment making for a clean smooth pour. Food Grade Stainless Steel Mesh Filter for Kombucha, beer, wine, cider and ginger beer. Slides into standard 3/4 inch Plastic Spigot or 27/64 vinyl tubing.
Stainless Steel mini Filter for spigots, taps, dispensers, mini kegs. Keep the flow smooth and easy.
Stainless Steel Barrel Filter in our Kombucha TOGO Growler .  Do Second Stage Ferment of your favorite Probiotic and still have a perfect clog-free pour.