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5 times more Chlorine enters the body through the skin during a shower than enters through drinking 8 glasses of chlorinated tap water.

The American Medical Association has acknowledged that certain prescription drugs may adversly interact with chlorine to create a serious health risk. If you are on prescription drugs ask your doctor for possible adverse reactions before showering or taking your drugs with a glass of tap water.

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Water Bulletin: Health Effects of Water Contaminants

Lead: according to the Dept. of Health and Natural Services, lead is the number one environmental threat to children. Exposure causes delays on normal physical and mental develpopment, attention deficits, hearing and learning disabilites and increased blood pressure in adults
Lindane and Atrazine: "Pestidcides and herbicides" with possible human carcinogenic effects and have been found to cause cancer in mammary glands in animals and to disrupt the hormonal and endocrine systems. Atrazine is under special review by the EPA.
Trihalomethanes: These are chemicals that are formed when Chlorine used in drinking water reacts with naturally occurring organic materials. More that Ten human studies have indicted that these chemicals are associated with rectal, bladder and pancreatic cancers. The current EPA standard allows a THM conc. of 0.1 mg/L, but the National Academy of Sciences has recommended that this be made more stringent.
Turbidity: An indication that there may be Crystosporidium, a hard shelled cyst in the water. These can cause diarrhea and lead to a serious, even fatel, illness, requiring antibiotics to remove them from the body.
Giardia; Commonly found in springtime due to water run-off. These are hard-shelled cysts and cause the same problems as Cryptosporidium.


Your body absorbs more water when showering than one drinks in a whole day.

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