Filter Large Stainless Steel Mesh Kefir, Ginger Beer, Water Crystals, Kombucha, Coffee, Tea, Herbs and Spices

Expected release date is 10th Aug 2018

Drop in Filter fits 32 oz to 64 oz. Ball and Mason Jars with Large mouths. and other jars with at least a 3 1/4 inch opening. Fits nicely in 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon pickle jars. Great for Cold Brew Coffee. Probiotic Brewing, Fermenting and extracting medicinal herbal teas and spices. 


Height:  6 inch

width:   3 1/4 inch

Fine mesh 100-150 

Use in an active ferment or extracting medicinals, and Probiotics.  Or use as a straining and filtering after completion.   Real benefit in keeping teas, fruits, vegetables, and probiotics separate. For easy removal and cleaning simple place items in basket, and when ready lift and place into a new separate  jar or bowl to drain. 

305 Food Grade Stainless Steel mesh #100. thickness of rim 0.4 mm

Diameter: 82.6 mm (large mouth jar size) ~ 3 1/4 inch wide. 


Many uses; 




strain Kefir, Water Crystals, Ginger Beer, fruits and vegetables

Filter Kombucha, Medicinal tea's herbs and spices. 

Filter: Cold Brew Coffee


Mason Jar / Ball Jar not included. 

(widely available at most grocery and hardware stores) Look for the small mouth Gallon Pickle jars. Typically one gallon of pickles in the jar cost less than $5.00


Availability August 14, 2018
Height 2.00
Width 6.00
Depth 2.00
Release Date Expected release date is 10th Aug 2018
Sku Filter3x6
Food Grade Stainless Steel Mesh Filter for Cold Brewing Coffee, Kombucha, beer, wine, cider, ginger beer, Water Crystals any Probiotic, medicinal teas, herbs and spices. Fits 32 to 64 oz with 3 14 inch or larger opening.
Drop in Fine Mesh Filter for Cold Brewing Coffee, Probiotics, Medicinal herbs, teas and spices.  Measures 31/4  x 6 . Fits from 32 to 64 oz Mason Jars and 1/2 to 1 Gallon Pickle jars.
Cold Brew Coffee Stainless Steel Filter
Stainless Mesh Filter  3 inch x 6 inch great for fruit infusions or cold brew coffee, or water kefir, ginger beer, and more