Kombucha Coffee

Kombucha Coffee

Published by Ed Kasper HappyHerbalist on 22nd Jun 2019

Iced Kombucha Tea is refreshing and Healthy. Cold Brewed Coffee is smooth and creamy. Aww  Wonderful  energy and health. 

Fermented Kombucha Coffee Recipe

Cold Brewed Coffee Recipe

Cold Brewed is less acidic or bitter than fresh brewed. and naturally taste sweeter and smoother.

Use only course ground coffee beans. one part Coarsely Ground Coffee to four parts water.

(2 oz. / 4 tablespoons coffee per 8 oz. /cup water)

Use the best water available (after all it is the water)

Use a stainless steel tight mesh filter to infuse the ground coffee beans overnight. Roughly 12 hours. Time too short = weak coffee, time too long = bitter. Adjust the ratio of water to coffee and time to suite.

Strain and leave in the fridge until ready. You can gently heat or serve over ice as desired. 

stainless Filters 

Cold Brewed Coffee SCOBY Fermenting

Ingredients for SCOBY Fermented Coffee (1 /2 Gallon)

You can use this recipe with regular fresh coffee. or Cold Brewed Coffee. <2 quarts of already made coffee

*  1/2 +/- cup of fermentable sugar

*  Kombucha SCOBY

*  1/2 gallon glass jar with cloth cover

*  Stainless Filter or tea-ball

Warm an amount of the coffee sufficient to dissolve the sugar.

Once the sugar is dissolved, add to the full container of coffee and cool to room temperature.

Once cooled add the kombucha SCOBY..

No need for any starter tea. Cover and set in a quiet warm space for 7-10 days. (74F-84F).

Voila. smooth, sweet, slightly sour, less bitter, floral coffee.

Store in the fridge, covered for up to two weeks.

Served when you’re ready. to present your fine Cultured Coffee.

Serve warm, over ice, or to your imagination delights.

NOW fill a few ice cube trays with your Cold Brewed Coffee. Use these cubes instead of regular ice cubes, that way you don’t water down your coffee - or your kombucha. 

HINT: Make Kombucha Ice Chips using your favorite summer Kombucha Tea.

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