Kombucha Craft Brewing

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How to make Kombucha favorite recipes. Kombucha tea, Kombucha Beer, Kombucha Wine, Kombucha Cider, Kombucha Mead, Kombucha Ale, Kombucha Vinegar. Includes Alcohol and Carbonation guidelines,Kegging and aging. How to calculate your alcohol and acid levels. Different yeast and bacteria and their value as probiotics. How to balance kombucha bacteria and yeasts for your specific needs. Adding and fermenting medicinal herbs, hops, spices and gruits. Simple home testing for Alcohol and Acidity, safety and efficiency. How and when to test the pH. How to test sugar levels. Create low alcohol Kombucha Sessions Beer or full strength Kombucha IPA. Kombucha marinade and full strength kombucha vinegar. Traditional Single Stage Kombucha Ferment, Second Stage Kombucha Fermenting and Continuous Brewing Kombucha tea and Beer. Loaded with tips and tricks form our 20+ years of hands-on experience. 

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