Kombucha Cultures

HappyHerbalist helping to put a little culture back in your life. 

Kombucha = S.C.O.B.Y.   Serendipitous Colony of Bacteria & Yeasts.

Guaranteed to grow and multiply. Guaranteed Healthy.

More Choices, More Experience, More Value. 

HappyHerbalist has been producing great kombucha cultures for sale online since 1997.  Each culture is a large, thick 6 inch (across) creamy smooth (SCOBY) and will produce 1 to 2 gallons of Kombucha Tea to start you off. With proper care these will continue to produce a lifetime of immortal tea.


The most popular Kombucha Starter kit Our Chateau Kombucha, A Traditional Organic Kombucha Starter Culture.  Produces a semi-sweet, semi-sour slightly carbonated apple-cidery brew. Simple, Healthy, and Tasteful. Basic Kombucha Starters are listed below. see also our Complete Starter Kits 

For our more experienced brewers and those wishing to develop a specific taste and health profile, you'll want to know ... What's in Your Ferment ...  Click on the individual cultures below to discover what specific yeasts and bacteria and  their differences and how those differences may just be what the doctor ordered - and your taste buds will appreciate.

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