Kombucha Kveik Summer Culture

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Kombucha SCOBY - Symbolic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeasts, more like a Serendipitous Adventure.

Make your own Kombucha Tea (or Beer) for pennies. Our extra large Kombucha SCOBY comes complete with liquid starter tea, and our organic blend of rich black+ green tea. Guaranteed to produce, and following our recipe and guidelines, will continue to produce more and more Kombucha Tea Forever simply by adding water, sugar & tea to start each new cycle

Specially Bred for High Temperatures ... Available for Pre-orders ... due to mature April 15..

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Our Kombucha Kveik Culture is a special breed.

Kveik  meaning "yeast" in Norwegian. This particular yeast strain has been used in Norwegian farmhouse brewing due to its tolerance of their high summertime temperatures. While most all other yeast go bananas and stress out at temperatures in the high 80'sF.  Kveik is basking. We have combined Kveik with our Kombucha Gluconobacter (bacteria) which loves warm temperatures from 74F to 109F. A true summer romance.

Our Kombucha Kveik can ferment at much higher temperatures without causing off-flavors. Our Kombucha Kveik can go as high as 43C (109F) without ill effects. Chemically it produces more fatty esters than ordinary yeast.

It's a faster ferment. Creating a rich full flavor with aromas, often reminiscent of tropical fruits. Summer of love - you may participate year round. 

contains:  Large 6 x 6 inch by 1/4 inch thick organic kombucha mushroom culture (SCOBY) and one cup liquid starter tea. Guaranteed to produce a healthy Kombucha Mushroom Tea the very first time.Download our free e-book Kombucha Craft Brewing .  Loaded with How to information and everything you need to produce Safe & Healthy Kombucha Tea. Learn how to make Kombucha Tea or Beer with higher alcohol content or no alcohol what's so ever. Learn about Kombucha's cousin - Jun and more Probiotic ferments like Ginger Beer, Japanese Water Crystals, Water Kefir and Honey ferments with Kombucha like Mead. and Apple ferments like Cider. How to make Kombucha Vinegar and choosing medicinal teas, herbs, gruits, hops and spices to enrich your family's health. 

We guarantee your success. 


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Is my Kombucha Tea safe to drink ? Kombucha Cautions and Safe Brewing article.  

Look over our online gallery and with large images and descriptions of what to look for and what to avoid.

How to Make Kombucha 

Simply Boil Water, Add Sugar, Add Tea, Add the Kombucha Culture , set aside for 9-14 days, drink when you’re ready. To enhance the flavor and health check out our  Kombucha Brewing Guide article. 

You can make Kombucha Tea using just about any tea (Camellia sinensis ). Lipton, Red Rose, etc, Or choose from a great many organic teas, medicinal herbs and spices. Our free Kombucha Craft Brewing  lists many options to create your own personal taste and health benefits. 


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