Hypertension Soup

Miriam Lee's  Mung Beans Soup  for hypertension

Dr. Miriam Lee is one of the greatest and most renowned acupuncturists in the United States. She is rightly revered as the mother of acupuncture in California because of her heroic, pioneering efforts in effecting the first legislation in the US legalizing the practice of acupuncture in California. To accomplish this, she was willing to go through the process of legal harassment and even being briefly incarcerated for practicing acupuncture at a time when it was illegal. Eventually during the governorship of Jerry Brown, acupuncture was made legal in 1976 in California. Since that time it is legal in all of the 50 states but it all started with California and Dr. Miriam Lee.

Miriam Lee was a close friend and support of my teacher, Dr Andrew Wu, in San Jose, CA. I was fortunate to  meet Dr Lee many times as Dr Wu and Dr Lee discussed difficult cases in our clinic.

Miriam was famous for using a special set of acupuncture points based on the work of one of her teachers, Dr. Tang known as the "Tang Points" also practiced by Dr Wu and myself. 

Miriam Lee's  Mung Beans Soup  for hypertension 

ingredients; .... Green Mung Beans

Miriam would routinely sell patient's with hypertension a pound of green mung beans. These are a famous heat-clearing, detoxifying and acid neutralizing food in both China and India. 

Miriam would recommend that a patent pour a cup of boiling water over two or three tablespoons of mung beans in the morning. 

Cover a let steep for 20 to 30 minutes. 

Drink the broth and save the beans. Repeat this process mid day and evening using the beans that are saved from each preparation. In the evening, one would eat the beans.


Enjoy your day.  

 Ed and Sue Kasper 




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