Carbonation & Mini Kegs

Probably the biggest concern for Kombucha Home Brewers has been how to get the right carbonation in my ferment. The most popular suggestion online has been to simply do a Second Ferment.  The very real problem with that, and one that they rarely mention, is that this Second Ferments adds alcohol to your otherwise alcohol free kombucha. Its no long Kombucha TEA but Kombucha BEER.

Surprisingly many commerricsl brands popular on store shelves have high levels of both Sugar and Alcohol that are not disclosed on their labels. read our BLOG to see independent testing. If you do have a concern for these health issues read over our BLOG on how to safely and inexpensively adjust those levels to your acceptable levels. 

What I prefer - lots of carbonation, semi sweet, and simple. So I force-carbonate my brews. Force carbonation is simply adding the desired amount of CO2 into your brew.  Below are some of our suggestions. Text or email us if you need some advice. 919-518-3336 Always happy to serve.  By the way, any of these will also serve to carbonate plain  water, fruit juice, water kefir, Ginger Beer, Jun, Wine  or flat soda - just about anything. 

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