High levels of Sugar & Alcohol in Store bought Kombucha Tea

High levels of Sugar & Alcohol in Store bought Kombucha Tea

Published by Ed Kasper on 7th Nov 2019

Health-Aid has agreed to pay out $3,997,500  which includes CASH AWARDS of $30 to $80 to individuals :)) 

Further Health-Aid has agreed to relabel their labels stating "Kombucha should not be consumed if left unrefrigerated for an extended period of time. Pregnant/breast feeding? Consult your doctor. Due to natural fermentation, there may be trace amounts of alcohol and small pieces of culture.”

Health-Aid, additionall agreed to "adjust the formulation process" but would not spell out or articulate changes of their new fermentation process.  

Presently Commerical Kombucha Tea producers empty micro- $ltration to remove residual yeast, (allowing yeast to remain in the bottle often lead to higher alcohol levels), to heat pasteurization (changes the taste and "health benefits" , to distilling off some alcohol, (evopartion which also affects taste) to diluting the product  post fermentation, (watering down the Komcha Tea) to deploying shallower fermentation tanks. (Horizonal fermentation tanks (layering or diary tanks) versus the more popular Vertical Fermentation tanks. - which also alter the character of the ferment (reducing yeast residue, and esters, (fruity overtures) . 

The trouble really is yeast and sugar. Folks like the semi-sweet, semi-sour effervescent that yeast and bacteria naturally produce. Yeast produce alcohol, reduce the sugar, add carbonation and flavor and the bacteria add a note of sourness while reducing the alcohol. And to boot its healthy, and low in alcohol <1% and low in sugar - at least half of the typical soda-pop. Except when bottled - where the oxygen is cut off, the bacteria go dormant while the yeast go into overdrive, producing explosive carbonation and near beer-level alcohol.  Over the years commercial Kombucha producers  have tried several methods to keep the alcohol down (while maintaining a "real" Live" raw" probiotic drink.  Probably one of the most common methods is to water the  tea down and/or over-ferment. Then simply add flavors and rely on the "kombucha" name to sell. 

Good to know that you can make real Kombucha Tea with  low sugar, low alcohol (<.05%) right at home. Safe, healthy, beneficial and just how you like it. Kombucha Starter Kits 

also see our Free e-book   Kombucha Craft Brewing Basics 

we'll be Happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. TEXT US at 919-518-3336 or email

reference: Hood v. Health-Ade, LLC, 115-cv-286909 (Santa Clara); Samet v. Health-Ade, LLC, 115-cv-286907 (Santa Clara); Tortilla Factory, LLC sued Health-Ade alleging violations of the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. § 1125) on December 19, 2017.

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