Our Extracts  are Functional Foods.

Our Kombucha Mushroom’s are fermented from organic sugar and organic tea. This naturally produces Acetic, Glucronic and Lactic Acids. Depending upon further processing may or may not contain live, but none-the-less beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Further refinements may or may not contain sugar, alcohol, or caffeine that is uniformly found in the fresh kombucha tea. Herbs, spices & tea’s add greater medicinal and nutritional value.

Kombucha mushroom extracts aids the Stomach to better digest food and assists the Spleen to deliver nutrition.  It aids the Liver to remove toxins and accumulations from the body.

All our extracts and bulk teas and spices are available for purchase. We appreciate your patronage.  And we are happy to help you create your own health elixirs even if you do not choose to purchase from us.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns you may have. We prefer email:  but calls and texts are also accepted.  toll free 1-888-425-8827  cell / text 919-518-3336

Ed Kasper began studying herbal medicine in the 1980's. He was licensed and tested for competency in the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine and had a successful California Acupuncture clinical practice for several years before retiring (from acupuncture) in 2009 and moving to Cary, North Carolina. 

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