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Fu Tea extract (30 ml)  1 fl oz European Dropper Bottle.  Great for traveling. 

 Alcohol Free


This tea has only recently been introduced in the United States.

Fu Tea is very similar to Pu-erh Tea. But they are not the same.

The difference between Pu-erh tea and Fu tea:

(1) Pu-erh Tea is made of Big Chinese Tea Leaf from Yunnan Province

(2) Fu Tea is made of Small Chinese Tea leaf from Hunan Province

(3) The manufacturing process is nearly the same, but, Fu Tea has a different fermentation process, called  "Flower Making" and takes a minimum of 2 month to 3 months. Our grade of Fu Tea is aged one year. Vintage 2005 


Fu Tea's special fermentation process produces Aspergilus Cristatus. A favorite beneficial probiotic gaining in popularity.  The tea liquid is amber-like, taste is mellow with pure aroma, especially aspergillus cristatus aroma. In northwest China, nomadic peoples live in the Gobi desert with beef, mutton and cheese as their principal foods. They lack fruits and vegetables. Fu Tea was taken daily as health and prophylactic food, helping their digestion, promoting metabolism. A popular saying arose: "we would rather there is no food for three days, but we need Fu Tea everyday". Over the past hundreds years, Fu tea is daily necessities with milk and meet for these people, is praised as "Mystery Tea on the Silk Road, Northwest Chinese life tea".


500 kinds of compounds including more than 450 organic compounds.

Water soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin B1 B2, and C,  Vitamin B1 can treat beriberi disease, multiple nerve disease. Vitamin B2 can treat keratitis, conjunctivitis, lip injury, tongue inflammation, steatorrhea skin inflammation. Vitamin C can prevention and cure scurvy, treat the hardening of the arteries caused by high blood pressure. Protein, amino acid, an alkaloid, tea polyphenols, sugar, organic acid, minerals such as sodium, potassium, iron, copper, phosphorous and fluorine, microelement, can block the formation of nitroso compound, which is carcinogenic. Its fat decompose ferment content is higher than other kinds of teas obviously, which can decompose fat, lower human being fat compound, cholesterol and triglyceride.  Aids digestion, weight loss. The caffeine, vitamin, amino acid and phospholipid, regulate fat metabolism. Stimulation of caffeine can improve gastric juices secretion. Contains 8% to 10% tea polyphenols, drinking 3-5 cups daily can enhance capillary vessel tenacity, helping to prevent capillary vessel fracture.

Popular Japanese Slimming Tea in our own extract- not available anywhere else.(30 ml) 1 fl oz European Dropper Bottle. Great for traveling.

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