Kombucha Mushroom Extract Pure Golden Drops

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Now larger 60 ml (~ 2 fluid ounces) size or 5 fluid ounce Glass Bottle. 

100% Pure Pressed Extract. Organic Raw Kombucha, probiotic that restores, revitalizes, and rejuvenates. This magical elixir is created by the synergy of the Gluconobacter genus of acetobacter bacteria, (produces Acetic acid and Gluconic acid) and Lactobacillus  (bacteria produces Lactic Acid) ) and yeasts; Saccharomyces Boulardii, Brettanomyces, and Torulaspora delbrueckii, and sugar and tea. Our extract is a 100% Pure Kombucha, Oak Barrel Aged and Charcoal filtered. Charcoal filtering removes the fusel oil (methanol) the moderately toxic and unpleasant-tasting compound found in all ferments. (though not in any dangerous levels).  

 Pure Pressed Kombucha Mushroom and Kombucha Tea are of the same nature.  Alcohol Extracted Kombucha and Kombucha Tea are not the same. Many commercial vendors of kombucha extract and add alcohol to their product. As a Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbalist I do not recommend alcohol - except in rare cases.    There is no medicinal need for alcohol as the acetic acid and the low pH (3.5 or less) are enough to wards off any pathogens.  Some folks add 10-20% alcohol so that the fermenting SCOBY does not clog the bottle, stop up the pipette, or otherwise look unsightly. Low presentation of alcohol may serve that purpose while percentages over 20% does kill off the beneficial bacteria and yeasts.

Alcohol Extracted Kombucha is not the same as simply adding alcohol to an extract. Simply adding 10-15% alcohol to help prevent cross-contamination and to prevent bothersome “squidlies” from forming is common but does not release the sought after Polysaccharides which are not water soluble. This was the process used in Germany and to set the foundation for Dr Sklenar’s D1 Drops.
We mature our Alcohol-extracted kombucha mushrooms in a 10% alcohol solution for a minimum of 60 days. This fully releasing the Polysaccharides while maintaining a healthy probiotic population.

Alcohol-Extracted Kombucha will have Polysaccharides whereas pressed extract or pressed extract with alcohol added will not contain any polysaccharides.

  Yet there are numerous reputable reports of kombucha extracted in over 25% concentration of alcohol as being highly effective.  This is attributable to the remaining acids and not the probiotics of the SCOBY. We will add in the alcohol if you like, or you can add it in yourself. Or simply keep refrigerated where the SCOBY goes dormant and shake before use. Filter as needed. Another consideration is adding in equal parts of a healthy edible oil like flax seed, sesame or grape seed. Another health claim of kombucha is that kombucha helps balance the body's pH. DR Robert Barefoot in his Calcium Factor recommended taking Kombucha Tea along with mega doses of Coral Calcium to resolve over 200 degenerative diseases. Dr Barefoot theorized that this is achieved by the acidic kombucha becoming an alkaline forming food. This beneficial alkalinize forming food relies upon the synergism of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole kombucha. When these probiotics are killed off by the addition of alcohol that balance is disturbed. While Dr Sklenar advocated and created Kombucha D1 Drops and Pronatura Inc. uses Pressed Kombucha Extract in a alcohol solution quite effectively. refer to Dr. Sklenar's Kombucha mushroom infusion--a biological cancer therapy. Documentation No. 18].(in German) 

The correct preparation and use of fermenting Kombucha ans of preparing the Kombucha Extract was first outlined in Kombucha - Healthy Beverage Natural Remedy from the Far East. Its correct preparation and use" written by Gunther W. Frank. 

  Simply shake a few drops into a glass of warm water or a spoonful into a water bottle and sip throughout the day. Add to fresh fruit juice, sparkling mineral water or edible oils:  add to soups, salads, & vegetables, rice, bakes potatoes, pasta or seafood. 

 Recommended for diabetics, and candida or IRB sufferers who cannot tolerate the sugar of Kombucha Tea or the trouble of brewing their own. Safe and beneficial for all pets and children.  Suggested dosage 15 drops (1/4 teaspoon) to a glass of fresh water.  2-3 times a day at mealtimes. Before meals to lose weight, after meals to gain weight. 2 oz = 12 teaspoons = 4 tablespoons = 912 drops*  15 drops 2 x a day = 30 drops per day = 900 drops * therefore 2 liquid ounces lasts 30 days as counted by

 In Traditional Chinese Medicine  alcohol is hot and toxic and contributes to the formation of phlegm. Therefore its use should be limited. The small amounts in herbal formulas are usually considered acceptable but there are times when even these amounts should not be used. And a good reason to only use those products that have quality alcohol. The amount of alcohol that we use in our extract is not enough to completely destroy the beneficial probiotics/ though they are severely limited. The value for adding alcohol is in preventing bottled Kombucha Extract from bloating / exploding while traveling (a good precaution) and to prevent squidles (spent yeast cells) from becoming a nuisance. An alcohol extraction contributes to Polysaccharides, which are not water soluble, and are considerably healthy. This would apply to extracting the mushrooms themselves and to maintain the probiotic affect.

 Independent Lab analyses of our Kombucha Mushrooms  


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