Pu-erh Royal Tea Extract

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30 ml European Dropper Bottle Great for Traveling. 

4 ounce Bulk Tea

Traditional Chinese Medicine has long been treasured Camellia Sinensis (tea)  as a herb that may be simply drunk daily (as a cup of tea) as well for its many uses in herbal formulas.  To gain any more immediate health benefits, you would need to drink around 3-4 cups of tea every day. You can also get your green tea in capsule form, but there have been no studies done on the effectiveness of such pills. TCM still views tinctures or teas as the most effective form of medicine. The tea extract in liquid form has been researched and proven to be affective.

All tea (Camellia Sinensis) contain to varying degrees polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which the western world has been of interest of late. Western Science in its reductionisms seem to conclude that these isolated signatures are of most interest and the only thing of importance. They have found those signatures highest in the other end of the spectrum of tea, that is the green and specially the White Teas. Pu-erh Teas are the farthest away that you can get from the White Teas. They are not just Black Tea (fermented tea) they are Twice fermented. Pu-erh are unique in that only they undergo this second fermentation. An aging process whereby the tea is actually stored away for years - and the longer the years the smoother richer the flavor. The more valuable the pu-erh is prized. It is believed that this secondary process is the contributing factor to the health benefits attributed to this tea. Whereas White Teas are just ever so delicately air dried and should be used that season (or its too old) you can store a pu-erh in the closet, forget about it, and years later your ancestors will uncover a fortune.

Doctors in Kumming, China reported Pu-erh was shown to lower cholesterol levels.  French researchers found that 3 cups of pu-erh a day for 30 days, brought lipids down 25 %. Tests showed pu-erh performed as well as cclofibrate,- without the drug's side effects.  It has since been shown to help reduce body weight, lower blood alcohol after drinking, relieves any overstuffed feelings and aids digestion by stimulating secretions of the digestive organs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine  claims that Pu-erh can also lower blood alcohol after drinking, relieve hang-over symptoms, prevent dysentery, and stimulate secretions from the spleen and other organs. Pu-erh breaks up Stagnation and Phlegm, and improves Qi. The result is better circulation to the extremities, relief from the pain of varicose veins, and some improvement with peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms of digestive problems such as Acid Reflux, Common Indigestion, IBS, Cohn's Disease and other related ailments are better tolerated. 

In our extracts we only use Royal Pu-erh  Grade A (highest grade) that has been aged 4 years or more. Ask for a free sample with your order and compare the taste and quality to your other teas - and to our pure extract.

Also available Pu erh bulk tea's . 




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