AMPk Gynostemma + Berberine + Quercetin Liquid Extract

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2 fluid ounce Glass Dropper Bottle or 5 fluid ounces Glass Shaker Bottle.  Keep Refrigerated when not traveling. 

Gynostemma + Berberine + Quercetin is a popular combination of several AMPk "master metabolic regulator” products. Use before and after workouts. In the morning and before bedtime. As with all our herbal products dosage is individual and one should do their own research and decisions best suited to their personal needs. 

Our AMPk Extract is made up of Gynostemma (4 parts) + Berberine (1 part)  + Quercetin (1 part). Quercetin is made up of equal parts St John’s Wort, Green Tea, Ginkgo and Elderberry).  Our small batch non-alcohol extract is made with our distilled Kombucha Extract and vegetable Glycerin.  

All natural no chemicals.

At our herbal pharmacy we can modify our extracts to your wishes - often at no additional charges. Just email or text 919-518-3336.  

Available in 2 or 5 fluid ounce glass shaker bottles. 

Dosage;  5-10 drops (2 shakes) into a glass of warm water or juice 3 times a day or as directed.

1 ounce liquid equals over 500 drops. If you take 30 drops per day that would last 16 days 

Our 2 ounce European Dropper Bottle may last 32 days 

Our 5 ounce  Shakier Bottle may last 80 days 

Results should be noticeable within 2 weeks. Evaluate your results and increase / decrease dosage appropriately. Continue for additional 2 weeks. If you are not completely satisfied with results return for full refund. (shipping charges may apply)

Gynostemma pentaphyllum (jiaogulan), Chinese Herb of immortality. Is slightly bitter, popular in Kombucha Tea as natural energizer. Secret Russian Olympian Extract. Releases AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPk). AMPk "master metabolic regulator" turns on fat-burning and energy releasing metabolic processes.

Berberine, (Huang Lian) a bitter Chinese Herb is an Alkaloid. Activates AMPk often used in combination with Jiaogulan. lowers blood sugar . A Pre-Pro-biotic builds probiotics in the GI tract.

Quercetin a plant pigment (flavonoid). found in plants, foods, such as red wine, onions, green tea, apples, berries, Ginkgo biloba, St. John's wort, elderberry, Buckwheat tea has a large amount of quercetin. Quercetin (a flanonoid) antioxidant and anti-inflammatory Prostate inflammation. heart conditions, decrease People with untreated, mild high blood pressure may benefit from a decrease (5-7 mmHg). May prevent cancer..

We do not guarantee any cures, only 100% complete satisfaction. 

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