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packaged as 4 ounces bulk herb. Ideal for making your own SJW tea. Has pleasant soothing taste. May be added to other teas and fruit juices. Great for kombucha brewing, either with other teas (as recommended by Harald Tietze: Kombucha Miracle Fungus) or during the second stage bottling of your favorite kombucha tea. See How To Add Herbs to your Kombucha Ferment.

St. John's Wort - Used for centuries to calm the nerves and treat depression. Now a popular alternative to the common prescription medications such as Prozac and Diazepam.

20/20 (television program) reported, in detail, the benefits of St. John's Wort and some successful clinical cases treated by the nation's top medical experts.

Not only is St. John's Wort effective in treating depression, it has also been successfully used to treat ulcers and gastritis plus a variety of other ailments including neuralgia and kidney problems, sleep disorders and and reduces cravings.

As a natural herbal remedy it has little if any side effects like those caused by synthetic medications and is much better tolerated by individuals. The liquid extract especially those that are standarized and concentrated may prolong the effect of certain anesthetic agents.

St. John's Wort has been the number one doctor-recommended "medication" in Germany for the treatment of depression. Now, some healthcare professionals in the United States predict that St. John's Wort will become the first choice for treating mild to moderately severe depressive disorders.

Check out Sir Harold Moseley Incredible reports on St John?s Wort, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C. There is a considerable amount of literature available on St. John's Wort from treating Alcoholism to removing warts, in treating depression, in treating pain and neuralgia, as a synergist* and potentiator* to treating enveloped viral infections from herpes to H.I.V.*



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ST John's Wort The number one doctor-recommended medication in Germany for the treatment of depression. A very nice cup of tea.

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