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Kombucha Sriracha

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Kombucha Legendary elixir for Immortality, Health and Recovery. Now with Taste and a Atitude.

We extract Hot peppers with garlic, onions, spices and sea salt.

Made in small batches. Alcohol free. 

Stimulates the circulatory system, delivers fresh blood and nutrients to the heart and other organs.

Hot yet flavorful.

Brighten doldrums

Freshen conversations

Great travel size. 

Not all peppers are Hot, nor are they all equal in taste but all the Hot Peppers (actiually the capsium - the hot stuff in the peppers), has amazing health benefits

We have many Hot Peppers to choose from. 

Most ntable capsium helps the blood. lowers blood sugars,  triglyceride and cholesterol levels.Can help when having a Heart Attack (bayer aspirin is noted for that as well).Has vitamins and minerals (vitamin A + C) , clears nasal passages, lets you breathe again. (makes you start talking too). Breaks up stagnation anywhere in the body. Helps relieve pain anywhere in the body (taken internally or applied externally) Relieves Cold Legs and knees.  Kombucha has amazing properties. Kombucha's acetic acid, gluconic acid and lactic acid help  detox the body and to rebuild the body. 

note: the name "Sriracha" has been made famous by David Tran who founded Huy Fong Foods in the 1980's. (Los Angles, Chinatown, CA) His famous green bottle with the Red Rooster and Chinese Writing. Calling his hot sauce "Sriracha". However he should have trademarked or copyrighted the name. becasue now everyone is referring to their hot sauce as Sriracha. David, a Vietnamese,  discovered the more original hot sauce - Sriraja Panich.- in Thailand. Sriraja Panich. was created by  Ms. Thanom Chakkapak in 1933 from the town of f Sri Racha. Thailand. 


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