Chili Powder Certified Organic Salt Free

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Certified Organic Spicy and tasty. 35,000 H.U. (about the same as Tabasco) considered mild.

4 ounces. 120 grams. powder. in resealable pouch. 

Ingredients: Salt Free.  Organic dark roast paprika, organic oregano, organic paprika, cumin, organic garlic, and organic cayenne

Cayenne rapidly stimulates the circulatory system and delivers fresh blood and nutrients to the heart and other organs. When used properly, cayenne opens up capillaries allowing vitalized blood to reach areas throughout the body. Garlic adds taste and as we all know is extremely  healthy plus keeps vampires away. Paprika aids metabolism and digestion, anti-inflamatory, Cumin also aids digestion, improve immunity and treat piles, insomnia, respiratory disorders, asthma, bronchitis, common cold, lactation, anemia, skin disorders, boils and cancer. Oregano shares some of the basic health properties of its compatriots with more of a focus on protecting the immune system and helps in preventing the onset of chronic diseases. Salt Free.

Contains vitamins and minerals necessary for health.



Remember the typical antidote  for the burn caused by hot peppers is MILK or YOGURT. It is the FAT in Dairy products (or coconut) that counteracts the heat.  It is the oil (capsaicin ) in the pepper that is the killer. Some folks claim lemon juice or vinegar (or a low pH ) will neutralize the burn. as capsaicin  is alkalineIt doesn't (IMO it makes it worse). Vinegar will not elicit any change in capsaicin function at all. Neither will temperature.  Cold water will not dissolve the burn - but it does help to physically carry away the burning oil. 

If in the eyes then continuously flush with loads of water, I would dunk my face in a iced bowl of water with my face inches in front of a fan. (I once was a Deputy Sheriff, and offered by body to test Police Pepper Spray while training in Defensive Tactics)   Use gloves and a cloth cover for your face, nose and mouth. Immediately discard  the gloves and the cloth. You will recover, keep calm, breathe slow and easy, and keep the milk, water and fan going. Took me, if I recall correctly, a good 30-45 minutes to recover. 



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Chili Powder

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