Astragalus Huang Qi Extract

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Extract of Astragalus ( Huang Qi  ŽÈď۠ or ŽÈď_»  )  30 ml European Dropper Bottle. Easy and convenient. 

also availabe 4 ounces bulk herb. 

Also known as: Astragali, Beg Kei, Bei Qi, Buck Qi, Huang Qi, Hwanggi, Membranous Milk Vetch, Milk Vetch, Mongolian Milk, Ogi. Astragalus membranaceus; Astragalus mongholicus.


The American Cancer Society publication reports that Huang Qi restored immune functions in 90% of the cancer patients studied AND it completely restored the function of cancer patients’ immune cells (T cell).


In Traditional Chinese Medicine Huang Qi is sweet and warm and treats the spleen and lung. Useful to increase one's energy and build up the body. Helps the body fight off colds and other distress's.  with Ligustrum lucidum (glossy privet, Chinese Name: Œ´___Œ_ Nu zhen zi)  Huang Qi is used or treating breast, cervical, and lung cancers. Used in soups and stews, especially bone marrow soups. for those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy or degenerative disease. The woodsy stems (look like tongue depressors) are added to soups and soups and has a nice mild taste. The pieces themselves are not eaten and thrown away. 

Huang Qi is often prescribed with; Ginger, Go Ji Berries, Dang gui (especially for women) Elderberries, Hawthrone Berries, Ginsengs, Chicken Soup Simply infuse and drink as a tea. Using these long sticks (can be easily broken lengthwise) to stir your Kombucha Tea, Jun, Ginger Beer or Water Kefir. Allow 1-2 strips to sit in your ferment before or after.Ferment Huang Qi in your Kombucha to increase the gluconic acid levels.  Natural Energy and Longevity.

Recent scientific studies in China state Huang Qi promotes blood cell formation in the bone marrow. It also stimulates the production of interferon, a protein that regulates cell growth and works on the immune system. It has also been observed to exhibit positive effects on viral infections, ulcers, blood pressures and certain types of cancer. It seems to have a diuretic function and acts positively on the liver. More research is being conducted to explore and learn about its effects on various types of diseases such as liver cancer and diabetes.

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Huang Qi Extract

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