Korean Ginseng

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60 ml Liquid Extract (traditional herbal extract 5:1) with pure distilled Kombucha Mushroom Extract

Korean Red Ginseng is the most Yang of all the Ginsengs.

Red Ginseng is very popular because it manifests a high testosterone level or energy level.

A source of Pure All natural Truly AWESOME energy.

One simple use is simply to infuse some  into a cup of pure hot water.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, American Ginseng promotes YIN energy, cleans excess yang and calms the body. The reason it has been claimed that American ginseng promotes yin (shadow, cold, negative, female) while Asian Ginseng (notable Korean) promotes YANMG (sunshine, hot, positive, male) is that, according to TCM, things living in cold places or northern side of mountains or southern side of rivers are strong in yang and the converse, so the two are balanced

Because of its hormone attraction Red ginseng seems to slow down the growth of breast cancer women should take Korean Red for only 3 months at a time and then rest because it is high in testosterone and will act like testosterone.

  • Sexual arousal. Taking powdered Korean red ginseng, a specific form of Panax ginseng, seems to improve sexual arousal and satisfaction in postmenopausal women. Also, using a specific product containing Korean red ginseng and other ingredients (L-Arginine) seems to improve sexual desire in men and women. 

You want energy and you want it now choose Korean Ginseng. 



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Korean Ginseng 4 oz

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