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3.8  ounce whole Roots and tails. 

Korean Red Ginseng is the most Yang of all the Ginsengs. 

 Pictured above is what you get.

More tails available. email us how much you'd like and we'll send you a picture of what we have so you know exactly of what you're getting. 

Super Power your Kombucha or Ginger Beer ...

Ferment right in your brew. When your ferment is ready to harvest, remove the ginseng root, slice (or not) in pieces and dip in honey ... Super-charge your day and night.  Use one small finger size root per gallon brew. 

Red Ginseng is very popular because it manifests a high testosterone level or energy level.

Ginseng has a number of uses as well as methods of using.

 One simple use is simply to infuse some  into a cup of pure hot water. 

 Ginseng may be cooked with food in soups and stews. Many Chinese recipes include Ginseng along with chicken and other medicinal herbs. 

Ginseng has a number of uses as well as methods of using.

One simple use is simply to add a thin slice to a cup of pure hot water. 

The most recommended cooking method is to use a double boiler. A double boiler is where one pot is filled with water and another pot which fits inside and on top of that pot contains both water and the Ginseng. The top pot is heated by the steaming of the water in the lower pot. The top pot should have a cover. Long time and high heat allows a fuller extraction.  The tea is then drunk. The root may be eaten or sliced and dipped in honey, dried and eaten.

Ginseng may be cooked with food in soups and stews. Many Chinese recipes include Ginseng along with chicken and other medicinal herbs.  Ginseng may be fermented with Kombucha Tea or Water Kefir or added after fermenting and just prior to bottling to add flavor and contributes to the secondary fermentation. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine, American Ginseng promotes YIN energy, cleans excess yang and calms the body. The reason it has been claimed that American ginseng promotes yin (shadow, cold, negative, female) while Asian Ginseng (notable Korean) promotes YANMG (sunshine, hot, positive, male) is that, according to TCM, things living in cold places or northern side of mountains or southern side of rivers are strong in yang and the converse, so the two are balanced

The natural color of the ginseng root is white. When it is simply cleaned and dried, it retains it natural color. Red ginseng, on the other hand, is the result of being steamed with a solution of herbs. Steaming greatly enhances Ginsengs quality.

Which is best for you really depends on what you need. Chinese Ginseng is good for a tonic to build the body - like putting gasoline in the car. Korean Red Ginseng is like burning straight nitro. American Ginseng is prized because it drives like nitro (close but still second) without the worry of blowing your engine plus still strengthening your body for endurance like Chinese Ginseng but much stronger.

 Age plays a part in the price. first or second year growth is cheap while 5-7+ mature or more are worth their weight in gold. The tails or rootlets are considerable cheaper and the dust is used for the common Ginseng tea sold in the supermarkets or added to new age botanicals.

 Recent studies have found that 3 grams a day (Panax ginseng) will reduce blood sugar levels in non-insulin using Type 2 diabetics by 50%. There's also some evidence it improves movement in sluggish sperm ( for those infertile couples with this problem)

 Because of its hormone attraction Red Ginseng seems to slow down the growth of breast cancer women should take Korean Red for only 3 months at a time and then rest because it is high in testosterone and will act like testosterone.



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Korean Ginseng Roots

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