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2 oz. Wisconsin American Ginseng  (Panax quinquefolius) 

American Ginseng small pieces 2-3 year old American ginseng from Wisconsin. What you see is what you get. We send pictures  of the actual ginseng we'll be shipping to you. 

Of all the Ginsengs and pseudo Ginsengs  WIsconsin American Ginseng is one of the most highly prized.  Wisconsin ginseng fields are flooded each year as Asian buyers bid for the latest harvest. Whole fields are bought even before harvest begins.

The most prized Ginseng  is Wild American Ginseng grown in the Appalachian mountains. Becoming scarcer each year , and too often mixed with cultivated ginseng from other parts.  The entire root, rootlets and tassels all reveals the age and quality. Powdered is the least prized but probably accounts for the most sold. 

With all the Ginsengs Size Matters. The bigger the better and the more costly ranging to $$$ mega bucks. 

The reason American Ginseng is so highly prized is that it is Yin. And for Yang to grow it needs Yin. Where Korean Ginseng is powerful Yang it is not sustainable. Korean Ginseng is the fast sprinter while American Ginseng is the Marathon runner. 

Ginseng has a number of uses as well as methods of using.

One simple use is simply to add a thin slice to a cup of pure hot water.

The most recommended cooking method is to use a double boiler. A double boiler is where one pot is filled with water and another pot which fits inside and on top of that pot contains both water and the Ginseng. The top pot is heated by the steaming of the water in the lower pot. The top pot should have a cover. Long time and high heat allows a fuller extraction.  The tea is then drunk. The root may be eaten or sliced and dipped in honey, dried and eaten.

American Ginseng may be cooked with food in soups and stews. Many Chinese recipes include Ginseng along with chicken and other medicinal herbs.

American Ginseng may be fermented with Kombucha Tea or Water Kefir or added after fermenting and just prior to bottling to add flavor and contributes to the secondary fermentation. Ginseng and Huang Qi (another famous Chinese herb) adds magic to any kombucha ferment. 

Ginseng is often bottled and creates a Ginseng Tonic. The common additives are Honey, especially noted Royal Jelly.  Various wines are also used, as is vinegar and alcohol. note that Chinese "wine" is often 40-60% alcohol (as opposed to American and European Wine that are only around 12%.

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American Ginseng Roots 4 oz

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