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Kombucha Tea 50 X Concentrate Kombuchal 5 fl oz

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5 fl. oz. Shaker Bottle. Just a few drops does wonder.

           100 servings per bottle

           One bottle is equal to 50 - 12 ounce glasses of Kombucha Tea.  

           Shelf Stable. Refridgerate after opening to avoid cross-containantion 

Kombucha Real Food Enhancer.  

50 Times the power of Fresh Kombucha Tea*.  Alcohol-Free.

50 times the Acetic and Gluconic Acid of Fresh Kombucha Tea*.

Add to sparkling mineral water or fruit juice. Add to soups and stews just before serving, Use on rice and pasta, potatoes, just about anything you can think of.  Add zest to salads and beans. Helps to tenderize meats.

 Great for traveling and in between ferments. 

Fantastic to kick start a new ferment thats getting old & sluggish

Take a 1/2 spoonful before and after workouts for enhanced performance and recovery

Add just a teaspoon to a bottle of Sparkling Water. Spice up with pieces of fruit, herbs, and spices.  

Mix a spoonful in your water bottle and sip before and after workouts or sip all day. Goes great with Flavored Sparkling Water.

Dress-up your Salad. Enjoy a healthy salad for lunch. Mix one teaspoon of our Kombucha Concentrate with 4 teaspoons of Olive Oil (or your favorite healthy cold pressed oil, my favorite is sesame seed oil) for a healthy salad.  

A 1927 German patent expressed theories of the healing properties of "KOMBUCHAL" and sought a method to deliver that benefit in a consistent healthy way. The Original KOMBUCHAL patent may be viewed online here.   They discovered that the wonderful healing properties of kombucha tea could be enhanced by simple vacuum distillation. A dehydration of the kombucha tea.

Dr Rudolf Sklenar helped his cancer patients with the above extract. His niece, Rosina Fasching, wrote about his discoveries in her book "The Fungus Kombucha The Natural Remedy its Significance in Cases of CANCER and other Metabolic Diseases" .  Dr. Robert Barefoot wrote in "The Calcium Factor" how Kombucha Tea with Coral Calcium can help resolve some 200 metabolic disorders.  

We create today, in our own lab, our own version of Kombuchal. Our Kombucha Tea CONCENTRATE is an  extracted distilled hydrolysis of organic  kombucha tea. This is not a gross boiling of the kombucha tea to reduce it to a jelly-like mass. Rather we carefully ferment and age our organic kombucha tea to certain acidity and then engender a slow evaporation under low heat and low pressure protecting all the nutrients of the kombucha tea. Through temperature controlled vacuum distillation. Without additives or chemical stabilizers.

Our last lab analysis (by San Rafael Chemical Services, Inc) showed a superior concentration of 35.4 g/L acetic acid, 53.0 g/L gluconic acid, and 2.97 g/L 2-keto-Gluconic acid. Note: 2-keto-Gluconic acid has often been (mis) identified as Glucuronic Acid by others.The typical Kombucha tea in the Cornell Study had a tendency to produce 3.3% total acid, 0.7% acetic acid, 4.8% glucose, and 0.6% ethanol after a nine-day fermentation. (no lactic acid, gluconic acid about 1.4  g/L). The average pH was 2.5. Alcohol levels < 1%. This would indicate that our Kombucha Tea CONCENTRATE is over 50 Times more concentrated than the typical home kombucha fermented tea. Our Concentrate contains no Alcohol.

There are other Kombucha concentrates available in todays market. Like Magik Juice (TM) which advertises their concentrate for commercial Kombucha brewers. This allows  Commercial "Kombucha Tea" to have a longer, more stable shelf life, a controlled taste and acidity, and to be alcohol free. And meet the requirements for "Live" "probiotic" 

Their recipe is simple: mix their concentrate with 1 part real Kombucha Tea to 3 Parts infused water (sugar + tea), How much of their concentrate is needed is determined by the pH and acidity you require.  

Our Concentrate is 50 times that of regular brewed Kombucha Tea. Therefore you can mix one part of our Concentrate to 8 parts of infused water and tea and avoid the alcohol totally. You can also reduce the sugar to any desired amount, or be sugar-free. Consider adding pieces of fresh fruit., for an awesome healthy probiotic elixir.  One of our 5 once bottles is enough for 50 8-ounce glasses of alcohol-free, Kombucha Tea. 

Our Pure Organic Kombucha Concentrate follows the Original German Kombuchal patent described above. This original version of the German patent recommended calcium to be added during the process. The intended purpose was not implicit for health, but was an attempt to improve the taste by neutralizing the acids. The taste , as is, is only semi-sour with a very light sweet taste. More recent research made by notable doctor Robert Barefoot recommended taking calcium along with Kombucha Tea. His studies indicated such a combination may resolve some 200 degenerative diseases. He recommended a high grade of marine Coral Calcium, which may be taken in extreme high doses without side effects We recommend  Coral Calcium to be taken with any of our Kombucha Tea elixirs. 

This magical elixir is created by the synergy of the Gluconobacter genus of acetobacter bacteria, (produces Acetic acid and Gluconic acid) and Lactobacillus  (bacteria that produces Lactic Acid) ) and yeasts; Saccharomyces Boulardii, Brettanomyces, and Torulaspora delbrueckii, and organic sugar and organic tea. Our concentrate is a 100% Pure Kombucha, Oak Barrel Aged and Charcoal filtered. Charcoal filtering removes the fusel oil (methanol) the moderately toxic and unpleasant-tasting compound found in all ferments. (though not in any dangerous levels).

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this version of kombucha is very tonifying and is suited for those that are active. Spleen Qi Deficient types (pale tongue especially with teeth marks along the sides, loose stools or diarrhea, tendency to feel cold and chills may be suited when taken with a physical exercise program. It is also indicated for post-partum and recovery periods.

 Safe for Pregnant or Nursing, babies and children.

Safe and beneficial for Pets; dogs, cats, horses and chickens ... 

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