CO2 Injector Hand Held

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Pocket Size easy for travels. Carbonate water bottles, Mini Kegs, Inflate Tires, basketballs. 

3 piece set:  

1)   Cartridge handle, fits 8 or 16 gram threaded CO 2 cartridges. fits most bicycle and car tires 

2)  1/4 Flare Attachment, for min kegs. and ball lock keg connectors

3)   Needle nose pin inflator for basketball, soccer balls, play balls

Takes threaded type 8 or 16 gram cartridges. (optional) 

 A 16 gram CO2 cartridge  will dispense at over 600PSI depending upon temperature. 

Due to shipping requirements CO2 cartridges must ship ground. 

 No need to lug around heavy CO2 tanks, use cartridges to keep the beer and kombucha flowing.


The main principle behind carbonating is the distribute the CO2 into the liquid while reducing/preventing the CO2 for escaping into the air. - as you’re experiencing.
CO2 is very temperature sensitive.
The colder the liquid (near freezing is the best) the more the CO2 will stay in the liquid. The warmer the liquid the more the CO2 escape to the air space above and/or out the container.
Filling the liquid with CO2 from the Botton up .
Rolling or shaking the liquid after the CO2 has been injected helps to mix the CO2 into the liquid.
Inject CO2 into the liquid and then leave a day or so in the fridge

The remedies:
Use an air proof /leak proof cap.
A cap that has a narrow hole with a resealable piece that closes over the hole. After shooting the CO2 into the tiny hole quickly close the cap.
Only use the very shortest of bursts of injection. Don’t need much.

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