Growler Carbonator Create Your Own Mini Keg with Pressure Regulator

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Description mini taps TOGO. with Adjustable PSI fits 8 or 16 gram CO2 cartridges. The adjustable regulator saves on CO2. Use only the pressure you need. We recommend pre-force carbonating your containers before use. Use Quick Connect Ball or Pin Locks to force carbonate directly from your CO2 Tank and then use the Mini Tap to serve.  

Growler Tap Fits all standard 64 oz (1/2 Gallon) and 128 oz (Gallon) growlers with a male screw on fitting.

Easily carbonate water, juice, probiotics or your favorite fermented brew.

Now you can harvest your fresh brew. Cap it. Store it in the fridge until ready.

Kombucha, Ginger Beer, Probiotic Soda of Choice, Beer, wine, cider or just simple juice. Add some sparkle and life.

You can store your Growler in the fridge until ready . And when you’re ready, you’re ready to enjoy Fresh Bubbly Brew.

Your Brew won't go flat in in your growler with the Growler Tap. 

Big advantage is that the Growler Tap works on most 64 oz and 128 oz Glass Growlers and a few Stainless Steel ones as well. (male ends, 38/400 cap size). Uses either 8 gram or 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridge. (one 16 gram cartridge is included) and a option to purchase 5 more.

Harvest your fresh brew as normal. Or do a Second Ferment in the Glass Growler and place the Growler Tap on. Leave out for a few days until ready, and enjoy at your leisure. Keep in the fridge for cold well carbonated brew.

Compared to the uKeg64 and uKeg128 our Mini TOGO is a big cost savings. Both on the intial cost and on the continuing CO2 costs. When you pre-force carbonate your container and then use the Mini Tap TOGO to serve. 

Glass growlers are pretty cheap and widely available. You can have a couple pre filled and ready to go when one runs out. Of course the uKeg's are easily refillable as well. Just how you like to do your thing.

We had this specially adapted for Kombucha and other Probiotic Sodas soda with a additional stainless steel tube to better carbonate. otherwise low carbonated drinks (like water) do not carnopnate well. (especially without chilling the liquid first. Chill to near freezing for best results. ) We also added a stainless steel filter to reduce outflow from getting clogged. 

Growler Tap, Contains:

C02 Picnic Tap dispenser,

CO2 Regulator 

stainless steel filter

Optional Food Grade C02 canister.

Optional Glass Growler

One 16 oz. C02 canister is good for about five 64 ounce growlers. * When properly chilled, and pre-carbonated. The optional CO2 adapter allows one to carbonate directly from a large CO2 Tank into your growler. Saving your CO2 cartridges for dispersing.  Your results may vary depending upon temperature, and degree of carbonation one likes.  read directions for use. 

(C02 Canisters cannot be shipped internationally)

see more information on Carbonating Home Brew

Directions for use.


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GrowlerTap w/PSI

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