uKeg 64 oz Mini Keg Keeps Brew Fresh and Well Carbonated

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Personal size Pressurized Craft Beer Growler. 

No More Flat Kombucha, Jun or Ginger Beer.

Or beer, wine, cider, juice.  Create even sparkling vinegar.

Holds up to 1/2 Gallon. Fresh and Ready when you are. Never goes flat. 

The big advantage  using the uKeg over doing a Second Fermentation and Bottling is that using the uKeg or GrowlerTap does not increase the alcohol percentage. Using these kegging simply brew, harvest, keg and add carbonation - if you need it. The taste, character and profile of what your brewed stays very constant and with the uKeg system you cn control how much carbonation you want. 

You can do a Second Ferment right in the Growler

What this here is a Pressurized Growler. Doesn’t go flat once you opened it. This helps maintain the natural carbonation from the original filling or from the Second Fermentation or it can even carbonate a flat brew , even plain water or juice. 

Pressure can be  set from zero (off) up to 15psi. On the uKeg, the cap automatically regulates pressure to continuously maintain your desired carbonation level.

Typically when you first harvest Kombucha or Ginger Beer, etc the alcohol is less than ½ of 1%. Many folks desire a higher degree of carbonation.

If you’re one that desire more carbonation but want low alcohol then follow this simple recipe.

Chill the uKeg64

Harvest and filter (racking is preferred) your brew.

Gently Fill your brew into a  another container that fills the bottle close to the top. Refrigerate the brew along with your uKeg64.

When everything is chilled to near freezing

Load a CO2 cartridge into the uKeg64  note: standard uKeg64 only uses 8 gram non-threaded. 

optional Sleeve for 16 gram CO2 cartridge, can be used to force carbonate in the uKeg 64.

Carefully and slowly fill the Growler and screw on the cap

Set the desired carbonation level with the selector cap

Wait a few minutes and Shake. Wait a few more minutes and shake again. This is getting the CO2 to become dissolved in the brew. Cold liquid holds more CO2. The warmer the temperatures 2 things happen

  1.  CO2 will stay more in the airspace and not in the brew when you draw off.
  2.  The warmer the brew the more a fermentation will take place and the greater the carbonation BUT the greater the alcohol percentage will be.

The reason you want to carefully fill the growler and rack is so that you don’t add oxygen into the brew and re-ignite a second fermentation. If you want more oxygen  (maybe to add more balance to your brew) then keeping it chilled will keep the fermentation down.

 Please check out GrowlerWerks Beer SCience: Force Carbonating HomeBrew step by step instructions and technical help page. 

BTW Growler as per Wikipedia -- A growler is a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel jug used to transport draft beer in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil and other countries.  The uKeg 64 is a growler with a built in Carbonation Tap that keeps your brew fresh and well carbonated. You can set the degree of carbonation you like.  

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