GrowlTap Directions and care

Directions for use.

Use 8,12, or 16 gram threaded cartridges

◦       Unscrew the cylinder casing.

◦       Screw the threaded cylinder into the head of the CO2 dispenser.  When you hear the hissing of the CO2 escaping, continue quickly tighten until the hissing stops.

◦       Screw on the black case.

◦       Screw the C02 dispenser to the lead free brass ¼” compression fitting on the Growl Tap.


Chill and Shake the growler before use. Turn it upside down and shake.  

Open the black tap faucet and screw the Growler Tap onto the growler. the tubing going into the growler displaces a little of the brew and it will overflow if the tap faucet is not open. Quickly close the tap faucet after the Growl Tap is installed.

1     Open the tap faucet over your glass and lightly press the button on the CO2 dispenser. (Silver Color Button on the black case)   A quick, light touch is all that is required. Shake and turn the growler upside down to distribute the CO2 into the liquid.  Press the button lightly again and shake some more. 

2.     Open the Tap Faucet to draw off a glass. If there is light or little flow. Press the CO2 dispenser button again. Shake and repeat until the carbonation is perfect.

note:  Be careful to not over-pressurize . Shaking does create pressure.  Too much pressure creates all foam, wastes the CO2 as well as the brew. This is a learning curve but you'll soon learn the perfect amount. Be mindful that warm temperatures and shaking increases the pressure. Cool temperatures and light pressurization creates a better brew. 

3     After dispensing close the tap faucet and again press the button on the CO2 briefly to maintain internal CO2 pressure. Failure to recharge after dispensing will lead to flat brew,  Be sure to lightly add some CO2 to the growler to provide a “CO2 blanket”  after each use. Do not use when close to being empty  as this will deplete your CO2. To conserve CO2, remove the Growler Tap and pour your last one. Refill with fresh brew and repeat. 

4    Enjoy a Cool One. 


Cleaning Instructions:

 You may use several growlers before cleaning. However leaving the growler go for too long of a period without cleaning is not advised. Simple hygiene. After use, use plain warm water to clean your Growler Tap, open the tap faucet and allow water to flow through the hoses.   Rinse with cold water. Hang the Growler Tap with the tap faucet open to allow water to drain out and air dry. Alternately, you can also use Campden Tablets  to clean the Growler Tap  Do not wash in dishwasher.   We recommend to clean with diluted white distilled vinegar. (10%)



Do not use the CO2 dispenser as a handle to move the growler. This will result in damage to the ¼” brass fitting and may destroy the CO2 dispenser.

Do not allow the Growler Tap to exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so will damage the pressure relief valve.

If the pressure relief valve goes off, do not operate the Growler Tap until the pressure relief valve is cleaned with warm diluted vinegar / water and rinsed thoroughly. A clogged pressure relief valve can lead to damage and injury from exploding glass. 

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